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Scope and policy

Neotropical Ichthyology is the official journal of the Sociedade Brasileira de Ictiologia (SBI). It is a peer-reviewed periodical that publishes original articles on Neotropical freshwater and marine fish in the areas of Biochemistry, Biology, Ecology, Ethology, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Physiology and Systematics.

Submitted manuscripts must be relevant contributions within their specific research area and must provide clear theoretical foundations of the subject, description of the objectives and/or hypotheses under consideration, in addition to sampling and analytical designs consistent with the proposal. Descriptive original works of high quality and relevance will be considered for publication. Casual observations, scientific notes or studies merely descriptive not associated with relevant theoretical issues will not be considered.

Editor and Section Editor of the area will evaluate the submitted manuscript to determine if its content is suitable for publication in the journal Neotropical Ichthyology. The journal is open for submissions to all researchers on Neotropical ichthyofauna. Payment of publication costs may be required if none of the authors is a member of the SBI.


Submission of manuscripts

Submission of manuscripts
Manuscripts must be submitted as digital files at

With each new manuscript submission, authors must include a cover letter with a statement that it constitutes original research and is not being submitted to other journals.
In multi-authored papers, author responsible for submission must declare in the cover letter that all coauthors are aware and agree with the submission.

All coauthors and respective mailing addresses and e-mails must be registered in the appropriate forms along with manuscript submission.

During the submission, indicate the area of Ichthyology (Biochemistry and Physiology, Biology, Ecology, Ethology, Genetics and Molecular Biology or Systematics) to which the manuscript is referable.

During the submission, indicate three possible referees (name, institution, country, and e-mail).

Manuscripts that are not formatted according to instructions to authors will be returned to authors. Please, download the checklist to review your manuscript before submission. Each item of the checklist must be filled and the file must be sent as supplemental file for review when submitting the manuscript. Only items not applicable for the article must be kept empty. Manuscripts submitted out of format, without some required file or in poor English will be returned without review.

Form and preparation of manuscripts

Text must be submitted in English.
Text must be in MS-Word or rtf file formats.
Figures and tables must be uploaded separately as individual files.
Do not duplicate information in the text, Figures and Tables. Submit only Figures and Tables that are strictly necessary. Supplementary files such as appendices, videos and others can be uploaded already formatted, as pdf or video files, and will be available only in the on line version.

In taxonomic papers check also: Neotropical Ichthyology taxonomic contribution style sheet.

Manuscript must contain the following items, in bold, unnumbered, not using pages break, in the cited order: Title, Abstract (in English), Resumo or Resumen (in Portuguese or Spanish), Keywords, Running Head, Introduction, Material and Methods, Results, Discussion, Acknowledgements (optional), and References.


Further information

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