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Scope and policy

Opinião Pública publishes articles about theory and methodology in the field of public opinion and studies on political and social behavior, and it is consolidating its performance as an important specialized national publication. The journal publishes articles of Brazilian and foreign researchers and also translations selected by the Editorial Committee, when considered important for the strenghtening of this research field to the academic community.

Decisions regarding the publication of articles belong to the journal's editors, through review by specialists. The evaluation may: a) recommend its publication; b) recommend publication providing that suggested revisions are made; or c) reject its publication.

Positions and concepts emitted in signed articles are of the exclusive responsibility of their authors, and do not express the opinion of the Editorial Board.


Form and preparation of manuscripts

The article should be submitted in ‘.doc’ files by e-mail to the following address: , cc. to . The article must be original and must not be submitted to any other review. The publication in OPINIÃO PÚBLICA is subject to the double-blind review by specialists.

OPINIÃO PÚBLICA publishes original articles written in Portuguese, Spanish and English languages. The articles can be submitted in French as well and, if approved, their publication will be subject a resource availability for translation. In order to guarantee the anonymous reviewing process, the author´s name must not appear in either the text and in any other reference that allows its identification. The article must be accompanied by letter of cession of the copyright to CESOP/UNICAMP, mentioning the agreement with its publication and providing the following information: name, complete address, telephone/fax numbers, e-mail, academic titles and institutional affiliation.

We will not accept articles without abstracts in Portuguese, English, French and Spanish, no longer than 10 lines, plus 5 keywords that identify the contents of the article. Yet, charts, maps, tables, etc. must be sent in a separate file of the original version (word, excel, SPSS, etc.) and not as a figure. In the text´s file, there must be clear indications of the places where they should be included.

Authors cited must appear in the text and should be referred to as follows: (Author´s last name, date) or (Author´s last name, date, page number). E.g.: (Souza, 1976) or (Souza, 1976, p. 64). Different titles by the same author published during the same year should be identified by a letter after the date. E.g.: (Almeida, 1989a), (Almeida, 1989b).

The bibliography that is used has to be presented at the end of the article, in alphabetical order and in accordance with the ABNT norms (NBR 6023), as the following examples. Pay attention not only to the order of the elements as well as with their sources and types of scores.

Book: Author´s last name in versalete, First name (initials). Title in italics: subtitle without italics. Edition (if not the first). Place of publication: name of Publisher, year.

Anthology: Author´s last name in versalete, First name (initials). Title of essay. In: Author´s last name in versalete, First name (initials) of editors. Anthology title in italics: subtitle. Number of edition (if not the first). Place of publication: name of Publisher, year.

Journal articles: Author´s last name in versalete, First name (initials). Title of article in quotation marks. Journal name in italics, place of publication, volume and issue, pages covered, date or period of publication, year.

Dissertations and PhD theses: Author´s last name in versalete, First name (initials). Title in quotation marks. Place. Total number of pages. Academic level and area of studies: Master's thesis or Doctorate's Dissertation. Academic institution, year.

Internet (electronic documents): Author´s last name in versalete, First name (initials). Title in italics, [Online]. Producer, date. Available at: < >. Access: day month, year (E.g.: 5 jan. 2012).


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