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Editor: Kenneth Rochel de Camargo Jr.
Physis is a quarterly scientific journal of the Institute of Social Medicine, Rio de Janeiro State University (IMS-UERJ). Its editorial guidelines are concerned with academic production in the field of Collective Health, emphasizing interdisciplinary critical and innovative approaches on Human and Social Sciences, and Health Politics, Planning and Management. Due to the existence of important national journals in the field of Epidemiology, the Editorial Board of Physis decided to prioritize articles that approach conceptual dimensions or the social repercussions of knowledge produced by the epidemiological research. The journal is basically composed of unsolicited papers, and has sections of reviews, interviews and letters to the editors. Occasionally, specific topics considered relevant can be proposed, presenting texts by guest authors with relevant inclusion in the debate on the topic. Even these, however, are subjected to peer review by the journal's editors. Its abbreviated title is Physis, and it should be used in bibliographies, footnotes, references and bibliographic strips.

The SciELO online version of the journal, prepared using a methodology developed by FAPESP / BIREME Project of Electronic Journals, including the complete text of articles, and is available with open access.




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Physis: Revista de Saúde Coletiva adopted until June/2015 the Creative Commons license  attribution-type BY-NC. Since July/2015, the license in use is attribution-type BY.



Physis-Revista de Saúde Coletiva is published by the Institute of Social Medicine, Rio de Janeiro State University, through CEPESC Editora ( It is sponsored by the Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico( and the Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior, (, through the incentive program for editing and publication of Brazilian scientific journals


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