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Basic information

PER MUSI - Revista Acadêmica de Música, founded in 2000 by the Scientific Editor Fausto Borém in the Graduate Studies in Music of UFMG (Brazil), publishes articles in Portuguese, English and Spanish twice a year and has the mission to provide o democractic forum for scholarly reflection in the área of music and its interfaces with other fields of knowledge. Eventually, it publishes music scores, reviews and interviews related to research in music. The submission of papers is continuous throughout the year. Free downloads are available at and the printed issues available are sold individually.

The abbreviated title Per musi should be used in bibliographies, footnotes and bibliographical references and strips.


Sources of indexing

  • Abstracts of Music Literature do RILM
  • The Music Index
  • Bibliografia da Música Brasileira da Academia Brasileira de Música (ABM)


Intellectual property

  • Except for the places where it is identified, the whole content of the periodical is licensed under a Licencia Creative Commons of the type attribution BY.



The journal is funded by:

  • CNPq
  • UFMG
  • Escola de Música da UFMG


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