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Scope and policy

The Journal Pro-Posições, created in 1990, is published three times per year by the publisher of the Faculty of Education at Unicamp and it publishes articles, reviews and translations on themes related to the area of Education Sciences, expressing the investigation, the debates and the production in the area.
The periodical has undergone important transformations throughout its history, always seeking more suitable standards as well as the quality improvement of its publication, assuring, however, the space for innovative texts and sections, both in form and content.

Today Pro-Posições is a nationally acknowledged periodical and internationally known and remarkable for the amount of foreign authors published in the Journal and for the members of its international editorial body.

The journal abbreviated title is Pro-Posições, which must be used in bibliographies, footnotes and bibliographical references and strips.

Pro-Posições journal aims at publicizing the academic production in the Education area. It releases unpublished articles, essays, reviews, documents and texts from out-of-print publications.

Pro-Posições supports the Code of Conduct of the Committee on Publication Ethics - COPE (


Sending of manuscripts

SUBMISSION - Manuscripts (in .doc, .docx or .rtf formats) should be submitted on online Scielo/ScholarOne system:

Accompanying the manuscript there should be a scanned letter signed by all authors, stating that the manuscript is not been reviewed by any other journal. The complete name of each author should be supplied in separate file, with detailed information about author's institution and complete address (telephone, fax and email), followed by a short biodata and an electronic address which can be published together with the article. In order to guarantee an anonymous and unbiased assessment, all references to the authorship should be erased from the original version. As soon as the article is accepted the necessary information shall be added.

ASSESSMENT PROCESS - After a premilinary formal review, the editorial staff forwards the paper to the autonomous judgement of at least two evaluators, whose areas of competence are related to the theme of the article. At the end of the process, the authors receive in written the decision taken by the appraisers, being their identification kept confidential. Specific resources and problems are analysed and solved by the Editorial staff.

LANGUAGES - Pro-Posições receives texts in Portuguese as well as in German, Spanish, French, English and Italian. Apart from the articles in Spanish, the texts are all translated into Portuguese and also published, on the online version, in its original language.

LAYOUT AND EXTENSION - The file should be online submitted on A4 sheet (297 x 210mm), double spaced and with minimum 3-cm margins. The text should be typed in Times New Roman, font size 12. The articles must have a maximum of 60,000 characters with space and footnotes, and the reviews, a maximum of 15,000 characters. Highlights in general must be made in quotation marks or in italics, but NEVER in bold or underlined.

TITLES, ABSTRACTS, KEY WORDS - The articles should include: abstract (with up to 150 words), key words (up to five) which, regardless of the text original language should be translated into English (abstract e key words). The title should also have an English version and must be concise, clearly specifying the topic of the text.

QUOTATIONS AND REFERENCES - the short literal quotations shall be integrated into the paragraph, between quotation marks (DO NOT use italics) and followed by the surname of the referred text author, the year of publication and page or pages of the quoted text in parentheses (author's surname, year, p.xx-xx). When the quoted author integrates the sentence, only the year and the page will be inserted into the parentheses (year, p.xx). The quotations of more than three lines shall be highlighted in the text in a special paragraph, leaving a space of 4cm on the left. References without literal quotations should be incorporated into the text, between parentheses, indicating the author's surname and year of publication (author, year).

ILLUSTRATION, FIGURES AND TABLES - The illustrations, figures and tables should be inserted in the text body with captions (figures and illustrations) or titles (tables). The originals or else scanned figures should be upload at a minimum resolution of 300 dpi and saved in a separate file.

CLARIFYING NOTES - Clarifying notes should be numbered consecutively within the text in footnote format.

BIBLIOGRAPHIC REFERENCES - At the end of the paper only the bibliographic references cited in the text must be included, in alphabetical order, in compliance with ABNT norms (NBR 6023/2002), as the examples below:

a. Complete book by one single author:
SURNAME, Name. Title in italics. Edition. Place of edition: Publisher, edition year, number of pages.

b. Complete book by two or more authors:
SURNAME, Name; SURNAME, Name; SURNAME, Name. Same as in the example above.

c. Book by more than three authors:
SURNAME, Name et al. Same as the first example (a).

d. Chapter/Article from a book:
SURNAME, Name. Title of the article. In: SURNAME, Name (Ed./Org.). Book Title in italics. Same as the first example (a).

e. Articles from Journals:
SURNAME, Name. Title of the article without quotation marks or italics. Name of the Journal in italics, place, volume, issue, page(s), date (month and year).

f. Dissertations and thesis:
SURNAME, Name. Title of dissertation or thesis. Year. Number of pages. Dissertation/thesis (Master's degree/Doctorate in xxx [area]) - Name of the Institution in full (School, University), place.

g. Articles in journals:
SURNAME, Name. Title of the article without quotation marks or italics. Name of the journal in italics. Place, date, Part/Section, Page(s).

h. Electronic Pulications:
SURNAME, Name. Title of the text or article. Publication title (website, jounal), place, issue, date (month and year). Available at: <http://www._______> (electronic address). Access on : (date).

The accuracy of the references included in the list and the correct citation in the text are the papers authors' sole responsibility.

IDEOLOGICAL RESPONSIBILITY - The articles whose authorship is identified represent the authors' points of view rather than the official position held by Pro-Posições or the School of Education from Unicamp.

Submitting any manuscript automatically implies in the full cession of copyrights to Pro-Posições, which is not obliged to return the original version of the evaluated papers.




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