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Pro-Posições - Annual Subscription

Pro-Posições journal is a three times per year publication of the Faculty of Education of Unicamp. The annual fee of Pro-Posições comprises three issues.

Value of the annual fee - R$ 80,00.

To acquire the annual subscription, send the bank deposit receipt and registration information to the email address:

Registration Information:

- Institution or Foundation name / Name
- Complete address
- Zip Code
- Phone number
- email address

Account owner:

Funcamp - Fundação de Desenvolvimento da Unicamp
CNPJ 49.607.336/0001-06

Banking Accounts:

Banco Santander (033), agência 0207, conta corrente 13-046254-6

Banco do Brasil (001), agência 4203-X, conta corrente 66001-9

The online journal is free and open access.


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