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Psico-USF promotes divulgation and debate of scientific themes in the area of Psychology and it is vinculated with the Stricto Sensu Post Graduate Program in Psychology of Universidade São Francisco, in Itatiba, Brazil under the responsability of the editor Ana Paula Porto Noronha, and the associate editor Rodolfo A. M. Ambiel. First named as Klinica (1974-1982) and Revista das Faculdades Franciscanas (1985-1989). Five years along (1990- 1995) had been suspended and since 1996 became Psico-USF to serve as a forum to present and share recent researches in the area of Psychology.

Its abbreviated title is Psico-USF (Impr.), which should be used in bibliographies, footnotes and bibliographical references and strips.


Indexing sources

• Sociological Abstracts (EUA)
• Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts (EUA)
• Social Planning/ Policy and Development Abstracts (EUA)
• Psicodoc (Espanha)
• Clase (México)
• IndexPsi (Brasil)
• Centro Latino- americano e do caribe de informação em Ciências-LILACS (Brasil)
• Periódicos Eletrônicos de Psicologia- PEPsic (Brasil)



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