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Scope and editorial policy



The mission of RAE-eletrônica is to encourage the production and dissemination of knowledge about Business Administration


RAE-eletrônica is interested in publishing theoretical development articles, empirical studies and essays.

The Journal accepts contributions from Brazil and abroad in the fields of Business Administration and related areas. We encourage a wide range of approaches and views.

As a journal with a more general approach to the area we cover a broad spectrum of sub-fields of knowledge, views and issues.

RAE-eletrônica is mainly read by academics - professors, researchers and students.


Papers must be sent to the Editorial Office by Internet or by using the Publication Management System (SGP), access to which is via the Author and Assessor Area at

Papers may be submitted in Portuguese, English, Spanish or French and must observe the format and standardization norms as defined in our Drafting Manual. Before sending any work to the Editorial Office we recommend that authors also consult Guidance for Authors, with its considerations.about positioning, style and structure. The Drafting Manual and Guidance for Authors can be accessed via the Author and Assessor Area at


Articles submitted for publication to RAE-eletrônica must be previously unpublished and cannot be undergoing a process of consideration by any other publication.


The evaluation process for articles submitted for publication to the RAE-eletrônica comprises two stages: a preliminary evaluation, which examines whether the work is in line with the journal’s editorial policy, and its potential for publication, a process which also takes into consideration the editorial space available; and a double-blind review.

The double-blind review is coordinated by a scientific editor from the area for which the article has been submitted and consists in interaction between the author and two specialist commentators who, in reviewing the works submitted, make comments and offer their suggestions for improvements. This stage involves a constant re-assessment and joining up of forces in order to improve the articles. In order to familiarize themselves with the requirements that are taken into consideration by the commentators we suggest that authors consult the model-forms that are available in the Author and Assessor Area at It is quite common for editors to proffer their own editorial advice to the suggestions made by the reviewers, the objective of which is to ensure that articles are adapted to meet the journal’s standards.


After it has been approved the article is submitted to final editing and a spelling and grammar review.


All ownership rights of articles accepted for publication, including translation rights, become the property of FGV-EAESP/RAE-publications. Citation of part of the papers is allowed without prior.authorization, provided the source is identified. Reproduction of the papers in full is prohibited. If you have any doubts we would ask you to consult the Editorial Staff (


Manuscript format and layout

See, also, RAE-eletrônica Editorial Guidelines, the full text of which can be found in the previous item, titled "Goal and Policy ".

See the RAE-eletrônica Composition Manual,



Articles submitted for publication in RAE-eletrônica must be sent via journal's website:, at "Espaço do Autor".

Articles may be submitted in Portuguese, Spanish, English or French.

Please review the detailed information on article format and the journal's editorial policies in "Editorial Guidelines - RAE-eletrônica", reproduced in full in the item titled "Scope and Policy".


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