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Scope and policy

Revista Árvore is a bimonthly journal of the Society of Forest Investigations (SIF) that publishes high-quality original articles addressing scientific research in the field of Forestry Science including Silviculture, Forest Management, Technology and Use of Forest Products, Environment and Nature Conservation. Manuscripts will be reviewed by the Executive Editor and scientific merit reviewed by a scientific editor. The Chief Editor will select three independent referees expert in the field. If the manuscript is approved by the three referees, the editorial board will carry out a final review for acceptance for publication, changes or rejection. Manuscripts submitted to the journal must not have been previously published and cannot be concurrently considered by another publication with the same purpose; must also contribute to the advancement of the scientific knowledge in the filed. Contributions in Portuguese, English or Spanish are subjected to review and approval by the Editorial Board as long as the text is written in accordance with the lexicology and syntax of the chosen language. Objectivity is the basic principle for manuscript preparation that should result in articles within the limits set by the journal.

Editorial policy
Revista Árvore maintains high ethical standards regarding publications and collaborators and strict quality criteria for published articles. The journal chooses ethical referees that are qualified and able to perform impartial review, always seeking constructive and professional criticism.

Target Audience
The target audience consists of professors, researchers, post-graduate students and professionals in the public and private sectors in the field of Forestry Science at local, national and international levels.


Form and preparation of manuscripts

Manuscript preparation

Revista Árvore is not responsible for the content and opinions expressed in the published articles and these do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Society of Forest Investigation (SIF), being the author entirely responsible for the scientific content in the paper.

• When submitting an article, the author (s) should agree that the copyright of published manuscripts (if and when the paper is accepted) will be held by the Society of Forest Investigation- SIF.

The manuscript in English should be divided into sections, in the following order: TITLE in English; ABSTRACT (followed by Keywords); MANUSCRIPT TITLE in Portuguese; RESUMO (followed by Palavras-chave); 1. INTRODUCTION (including literature review); 2.MATERIALS AND METHODS; 3.RESULTS; 4. DISCUSSION; 5.CONCLUSIONS; 6.ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS (if necessary) and 7. REFERENCES.

The subtitles, when necessary should be written with initial capital letters, preceded by two Arabic numbers in a new paragraph.

References in the text must be cited as follows: cited author's surname with only the first capital letter, followed by the year in parentheses, when the author is part of the text Author (2008). When the author is not part of the text, the last name in parentheses in capital letters, followed by the year and separated by a comma (AUTHOR, 2008). The cited references should be preferentially from A/B Qualis level national or international journals. Revista Árvore follows ABNT 2002 - NBR 6023 standards, except for not using "et al." in references with more than three authors.

Do not use "et al." in italics and the "&" should be replaced by "and" between authors. Original research papers are conventionally structured: Introduction, Methods, Results and Discussion, although other formats may be accepted. The Introduction should be brief, with a definition of the studied problem, synthesizing its importance and highlighting knowledge gaps ("state of the art") that will be addressed. Methods for the studied population, data source and selection criteria, among others, should provide necessary and complete information without prolixity. Results should contain a concise presentation of data obtained without interpretations or comparisons. Tables or figures should not repeat the information contained in the text, these must be separated from the Discussion. Discussion should begin by appreciating the limitations of the study (when appropriate), followed by an analysis of the obtained results, taking current literature into consideration, without introduction of new data. It should also contain the author's interpretation, drawing conclusions and indicating the paths for further research.

The abstract should be informative and summarize relevant points of the study such as objectives, methodology, results and conclusions and should be composed of a current sentence sequence with maximum of 250 words. (ABNT-6028).

To submit manuscripts to this journal, authors must enter the following site: and click on ARTIGOS and then on SUBMETER MANUSCRITO. Revista Árvore publishes articles in Portuguese, English and Spanish. In the case of the foreign languages, a declaration of linguistic review from a specialist will be required.

Manuscript Publication (Second Stage)

After the manuscript has been reviewed by the editors, it can be returned to the author (s) to be reformatted according to the journal standards. Manuscripts may also be denied if Editors find it inappropriate for publication in the journal or if it shows lack of scientific merit. When approved by the editors, the manuscript will be addressed to three referees for scientific opinion. It is the author(s)'s responsibility to respond to suggestions and recommendations, if not, an explanation should be provided to the Editorial Board.


Manuscript submission

Papers must be submitted in Microsoft Word compatible formats. The system accepts files up to 10MB.

Manuscripts must be typed in Times New Roman 12, 1.5 spacing, A4 format (210 x 297 mm), page and line numbered, top, bottom, left and right margins 2.5 cm, up to 16 pages including tables and figures. Tables and figures must be limited to 5 in the whole.

Title Page must contain title of manuscript, abstract and three (3) Keywords.

Name and footnote containing authors's information should not be included to avoid their identification by referees.

Manuscripts written in English, must contain table and figure titles also in Portuguese. Tables and figures consecutively numbered with Arabic numerals, indicated in the text and attached at the end of the manuscript. Figures/Graphs captions should appear below figures/graphs preceded by the word "Figure" and numbered consecutively. Table captions should appear above the table preceded by the word "Table" and numbered consecutively. "Source" should appear above captions in the figures, right aligned, no full stop. "Source" should appear below tables with full stop. Figures should be exclusively in gray. Color figures will be charged R$ 100.00/page.

There is no fee for submission and evaluation articles.


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