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Revista de Administração (São Paulo) RAUSP is a quarterly publication of the Management Department of the School of Economics, Management and Accounting of the University of São Paulo   (FEA-USP) and publishes articles by Brazilian and foreign authors, selected by double blind reviews, based on the criteria of originality, quality and creativity.

Periodicity: Quarterly

The current classification of the journal in the Qualis-Capes System is Level B1.

Objectives: To disseminate conceptual, practical and scientific research studies that can add value to the work of academics and of business administrators, a mission the journal has been fulfilling since 1947.

Fields of interest: The articles cover a wide range of topics and Management practices in different industrial sectors, geographic areas and functional specialties. The main thematic areas are Entrepreneurship, Corporate Strategy and Economics, Governance Studies, Finance and Accounting, Environmental Management, Technological Management, Marketing, Quality and Productivity, Human Resources and Organizations, and Information Technology Management.

Background: The first issue of Revista de Administração was published in March of 1947. In 1967, it was suspended, but publication was resumed in1977. It has since been published uninterruptedly.


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