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Scope and Policy

RAUSP readers are researchers and business administrators. The latter's training, formal education and knowledge can be quite different due to their wide range of positions. For this wide range of readers to be able to understand the articles, it is important that the author(s) use(s) appropriate language and presentation. Clarity and conciseness in the development of their ideas are fundamental.



The articles may be submitted in Portuguese, English or Spanish and should comply with several aspects in terms of their scope, objective, format and lifecycle. 


The articles may cover a wide range of topics and management practices in different industrial sectors, geographic areas and functional specialties.


RAUSP readers should be motivated to establish a discussion agenda within their organizations about the concepts presented in the Journal. To this end, the articles should provide unprecedented insights that help to enhance the experience of managers and researchers, increase knowledge about how organizations function, and improve understanding of how to deal with the growing management challenges. Articles can fulfill this main objective in four different ways: by offering new ideas and different approaches to management; by describing best practices and management techniques used in different organizations; by analyzing innovative solutions for practical management cases; and by communicating recent cutting-edge research in the management field. 


Articles for publication in RAUSP should be presented in a format that enhances their concept, using the following predetermined structure: presentation of the conceptual objective, development of the thought process, and conclusions. 


Articles should be of lasting interest. They should not be perishable products, devoid of future value. Their ideas and concepts should be sound enough to continue to be of interest for a long time.



The articles submitted for appreciation are evaluated by an Ad Hoc Body of Evaluators, using the double blind review system, meaning that throughout the evaluation process, the Evaluators are unaware of who the author(s) is(are) and vice-versa.



RAUSP is published on-line and has open and free access, according to the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license that allows free content copying and redistribution.

RAUSP does not charge any fee or contribution to authors.

Form and  preparation of  manuscripts

Technical features of the articles

Articles submitted for evaluation for publication must have the following technical characteristics: 

• Format: Page – A4; .Doc; Font – Times New Roman, size 12; Paragraph – before and after, “0” points, between the lines “1.5”, justified alignment; Margins – left, right, top and bottom of page, 2 cm. 

• The author(s) should not be identified in the body of the text or in the file properties.

• Articles should be no longer than 25 pages, including the notes and bibliographic references. Each should have an abstract highlighting the objective, method, results and conclusions of the research, plus three to five keywords. Abstract and keywords should be included in Portuguese, English and Spanish, with a view to international dissemination of the material.

• Notes should be numbered sequentially and presented before the bibliographic references.

• The bibliographic references should be cited in the body of the article, indicating the surname of the author(s), and year and page of the publication. They should be presented in alphabetical order at the end of the text, complying with ABNT (Brazilian Association of Technical Standards) standard   NBR-6023.

• Articles are to be submitted via, using the “Envie seu Trabalho” [Submit your work] section.


Sending the manuscripts




The author and coauthors should be registered or should register with RAUSP via its website and follow the steps found in the site for submission of their article. 


In this website, the author and coauthors should answer the following questions, clearly and concisely: 

• What is your article’s main message?

• What are the implications of this message? What is new, different, useful, counterintuitive or important about this message?  

• What is this article’s target audience?

After answering these questions, the author(s) will be able to evaluate the quality of the article him (them)selves and perhaps identify possibilities for its improvement.


The articles submitted will be evaluated by an Ad Hoc Body of Evaluators, using the double blind review system. This means that throughout the process, the author(s) is(are) not revealed to the Evaluators and vice-versa.


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