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Name(s) of the author(s)

Should be separated by comma, being complete only the first and family names of each author, in which only the first letter should be in capital letters. The last author's name should be separated by &. Reference note should be placed at the end of the last name of each author to indicate immediately below, the institutional address including the telephone and e-mail. The authors belonging to the same institution should be referenced by the same mark.


Literature Cited

The submitted article should have obligatorily 70% of reference of periodicals, at least 40% of them from the last eight years. Bibliographical citations of the type apud or cited by are not accepted, in other words, the citations should just be of the original consulted references.

Observation: Fot articles written in English, title, abstract and key words should also be in Portuguese and for articles in Spanish, these should be in English, in both first it should be in the main language. Contributions in the form of literature review for the journal can have the sequence adapted to the subject.


Submission of manuscripts

Contribution of R$ 120,00 per article submitted is charged. The article should be submitted in three copies and also in CD ROM along with the proof of payment and should be sent to the following address.


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