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Scope and Mission

The Brazilian Journal of Medical Education is the official publication of the Brazilian Association of Medical Education - ABEM. The mission of this quarterly journal is publishing debates, analyses and results of investigations into issues considered relevant for medical education. The journal accepts articles in Portuguese, English or Spanish language.


Submission of Manuscripts

Online Submission of Manuscripts

Manuscripts are received exclusively online, at The attached files should be prepared using MS Word, page format ISO A4, font Arial size 11, space between lines 1.5, left, right, superior and inferior margins 2.0 cm and all pages sequentially numbered.

Footnotes are not accepted. Tables and illustrations should be self-explanatory and submitted in individual files. Questionnaires and other research tools will not be published.

Evaluation of papers
All received manuscripts will be appreciated by the journal's referees with regard to their thematic pertinence, adherence to the norms of the journal and scientific quality. The referees have 20 days for issuing their opinion. The reviews will always present one of the following conclusions: approved in the present form, favorable to publication but suggesting improvements and rejected. Each review will include the respective reasoning.

In case modifications in the manuscript are requested, these can be prepared within a 4 months period. If by the end of this period no communication of the authors was received, the manuscript is considered withdrawn. Accepted articles are submitted to orthographic and grammatical revision. The revised articles are returned to the authors for formal final approval before going in print. The English versions of titles and abstracts will be submitted to specialized language revision.


1. Original articles: (the text should not exceed 6.000 words including References; tables, graphs, cover-page, abstract and key words are not included in the word count).
1.1. Research - articles presenting final results of scientific investigations.
1.2. Essays - articles containing a critical analysis of a specific issue related to medical education.
1.3. Reviews - critical reviews of the literature on a specific issue.
2. Communications - preliminary information on ongoing investigations - should not exceed 1.700 words and include no more than 1 table and 5 references.
3. Documents - documents about educational policies (official documents of official associations) - should not exceed 2.000 words.
4. Case report - article presenting an innovating experience in medical education and pertinent theoretical reasoning - should not exceed 6.000 words.
Letters to the Editor - comments on published matters - maximum 1.200 words and 3 references.
6. Theses - abstracts of masters or doctoral theses defended in Brazilian universities ore abroad (maximum 3.000 words). Abstracts should state the official title of the thesis, the achieved academic degree as well as date and place where the thesis was defended. Furthermore, it should state the name of the supervisor, where the thesis is available for consultation and key words.
7. Book reviews - reviews of books published in Brazil and abroad - maximum 1.200 words.
8. Editorial - the editorial is responsibility of the editor of the journal but can be prepared by third persons on his request - limited to 1.000 words.


Preparation of manuscripts

- Title of the paper in original language and in English (80 characters maximum including spaces; avoid long titles) and running title to be printed on the top of each page (40 characters maximum including spaces).

- Names of authors - the names of the authors will be published following the order they appear in the submitted file.

- Full mailing address of the authors, academic title, place of work and E-mail address. Only the data of the first author will be published.

- Abstract with a maximum of 180 words in Portuguese and English. Texts written in Spanish should include an abstract in that language.

- Key words: minimum 3 and maximum 8 according to the DECS vocabulary in Portuguese (available at and to the MESH vocabulary (Medical Subject Headings) for the abstracts in English language (available at

- Authors should inform which financing agencies supported the investigation and state the registration number of the project.


The references, whose exactness is responsibility of the authors, should be correct, complete and limited to the citations in the text; they should be arranged numerically following the order in which they appear in the text and follow the guidelines of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors, Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals, available at

Authors are invited to search the Scielo base with the key words of their paper thus privileging, whenever pertinent, the Brazilian scientific research.


Article in Periodical

Ricas J, Barbieri MA, Dias LS, Viana MRA, Fagundes EDL, Viotti AGA, et al. Deficiências e necessidades em Educação Médica Continuada de Pediatras em Minas Gerais. Rev Bras Educ Méd 1998;22(2/3)58-66.

Article in online periodical Ronzani TM. A Reforma Curricular nos Cursos de Saúde: qual o papel das crenças?. Rev Bras Educ Med [on line].2007. 31(1) [capturado 29 jan. 2009]; 38-43. Disponível em:


Batista NA, Silva SHA. O professor de medicina. São Paulo: Loyola, 1998.

Book chapter

Rezende CHA. Medicina: conceitos e preconceitos, alcances e limitações. In: Gomes DCRG, org. Equipe de saúde: o desafio da integração. Uberlândia:Edufu;1997. p.163-7.

Theses, dissertations, monographs

Cauduro L. Hospitais universitários e fatores ambientais na implementação das políticas de saúde e educação: o caso do Hospital Universitário de Santa Maria. Rio de Janeiro; 1990. Mestrado [Dissertação] - Escola Brasileira de Administração Pública.

Papers presented in scientific meetings Carmargo J. Ética nas relações do ensino médico. Anais do 33. Congresso Brasileiro de Educação Médica. 4º Fórum Nacional de Avaliação do Ensino Médico; 1995 out. 22-27; Porto Alegre, Brasil. Porto Alegre:ABEM; 1995. p.204-7.

Reports Campos MHR. A Universidade não será mais a mesma. Belo Horizonte: Conselho de Extensão da UFMG; 1984. (Relatório)

Legislation Brasil. Ministério da Educação. Conselho Nacional de Educação. Câmara de Educação Superior. Resolução CNE/CES nº4 de 7 de novembro de 2001. Institui diretrizes curriculares nacionais do curso de graduação em Medicina. Diário Oficial da União. Brasília, 9 nov. 2001; Seção 1, p.38.

The librarian of ABEM is in charge of revising and adapting the terms used by the authors to those of the bases where the journal is indexed. Contributions will be published in the same order they were approved by the editorial board.

Statement of Authorship and Responsibility

All individuals named as authors who had significant participation in the work have to take legal responsibility for the contents of their manuscripts and consequently sign the following Declaration of Authorship and Responsibility:

"As a named author I hereby declare to have participated sufficiently in the conception and design of this study and/or in the analysis and interpretation of the data for taking public responsibility for its contents. I have received the final version of this work and agreed to its submission for publication. The work in its present or a similar form has not been published elsewhere, nor is it currently under consideration for another publication."

Articles elaborated by more than one author should state the specific contribution of each of them.

Research Ethics

Authors of investigations that started after January 1997 involving human subjects have to submit clearance of the project by the respective institutional Ethics Commission, according to article 2. II of Ruling 196/96 of the Brazilian National Health Council (…"research involving human subjects, individually or collectively, directly or indirectly, as a whole or parts, including the handling of information or material…").

In the case of institutions with no in-house ethical committee, authors are invited to attach the written clearance of the Committee that approved the research project.

Conflicts of Interest:

Every text submitted must state information about any conflict of interest of any of the named authors. Please note that financial conflicts do not only refer to direct financial support for the investigation but also extend to employment relations, for example. (For more details please refer to the website of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors


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