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Form and preparation of manuscripts

  1. The Revista Brasileira de Fruticultura (RBF) publishes technical articles and scientific communications in fruit crops area, referring to results of originals searches and unpublished paper in Portuguese, Spanish or English, and 1 or 2 reviews per edition, of invited authors.
  2. All the authors must sign the work’s letters direction mentioning that: “THE AUTHORS DECLARE THAT THEIR REFERRED WORK WAS NOT BEEN PUBLISHED PREVIOUSLY, OR DIRECTED FOR PUBLICATION IN OTHER MAGAZINE AND THEY AGREE WITH THE SUBMISSION AND TRANSFERING THE RIGHTS OF PUBLICATION OF THE REFERRED ARTICLE FOR THE RBF MAGAZINE”. Works submitted as article will not be judged or published as Scientific Communication and vice-versa.
  3. The RBF will only accept articles with the maximum of five authors.
  4. The articles (on line) should be sent in one copy (one complete copy with the name (s) of the author (s) without abbreviations and footnotes for our files), and the submissions on paper must be sent in four copies, being one complete( names without abbreviations and footnotes) and 3 copies without the authors’ names and footnotes, on paper size A4 (210 x 297mm), numbered lines and pages, 2 cm margins, space between lines of one and a half, Times New Roman font , size 13 and printed on one side of the paper. The text should be written direct, separating only items such as Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion, Conclusion, Acknowledgments and References, the Tables and Figures on separate sheets at the end of the article after the References.
  5. The cost for publication for Articles or Scientific Communications is R$ 250, 00 per paper with at the most 12 pages and 8 pages respectively; it will be charge each extra page R$ 50, 00, i.e. papers submitted (in Word format) that exceed the limit of 12 pages to eight pages for Article and Scientific Communication (including tables and figures), this value will be calculated at the acceptance of the paper.


a. In the initial referral, the payment should be of R $ 100.00, and with the approval of the paper, the remainder of the fee, including additional pages if necessary;
b. R$ 150.00 for members (FIRST AUTHOR MUST BEA MEMBER OF THE SBF);
c. R$ 300.00 for non-members;
d. DEPOSIT at the Bank of Brazil, agency No. 0269-0 and Account No. 8356-9 (send copy of the receipt along with the article submitted on paper or on line submissions by e-mail attach, or forward as a supplementary document);
NOTE: To denied or finished articles, will not be refunded the initial payment.

  1. For print submissions, papers should be directed to the editor in chief of the RBF, Prof. Carlos Ruggiero / BRAZILIAN MAGAZINE OF FRUITCULTURE; address: Via de Acesso Prof. Paulo Donato Castellane, s / n - Unesp / FCAV - CEP 14884-900 - Jaboticabal.
    - E-mail:;
    * Instructions for submissions on line, access the home page:, RBF item on line (click here), it will open a link with all relevant instructions to authors.
    * ScIELO Published System: (home page).
  2. Once published, the paper could be transcribed, partially or totally, by citation of the RBF (s) of the author (s) and the volume number, pagination and year. The views and opinions expressed in the articles are exclusive responsibility of the author (s).
  3. The articles should be organized in Title, FULL names of the Authors (without abbreviations and separated by comma and when two authors separated by &), and in the footnotes of the first page should contain the qualification of each author, followed by which institution belongs, address (optional) E-MAIL O F ALL AUTHORS (essential) and mention of the financial support; Abstract (including Index terms), Title in English, Abstract in English (including Index Terms),Introduction, Material and Methods, Results and Discussion, Conclusion, Acknowledgements (optional), References, Tables and Figures (see rules for tables and figures). The paper must be submitted to Portuguese and English correction by qualified professionals before being sent to the RBF.
  4. The Scientific Communication should have simple structure (eight pages) with a direct text, without detaching the items (Introduction, Material and Methods, Results and Conclusion), except References.
  5. The Legends of the pictures and the charts should be self explicative and concise. The pictures (graphics, drawing or photography) should be presented in black and white, to be printed in color, figures and photos have an additional charge of R$400,00 per page where they appear. Legends, symbols, equations, tables, etc. should have such a size which could be legible even after a reduction of about 50%. The legend should be part of the figure, but title should be avoided or written as text. Photos should be identified on the black side, with author names, and the corresponding figure number and of good quality.
  6. In the tables should be avoided vertical lines and horizontal lines only used to separate head and the end of the table avoiding double lines.
  7. Only the FINAL PAPER must be accompanied by a copy on CD (for printed submissions) using the programs Word for Windows (text) and Excel (graphics), the pictures, graphs and photos should be saved in separate files in JPG format (see standards for tables and figures below).
  8. The authors quote in the text should be made in lowercase when outside the parentheses, and separated by “and” when two authors, and citations within parentheses should be in capital letters separated by a semicolon; when more than two authors, mention the first name followed by “et al.” (do not use “italic”).



The references at the end of the text should be presented in alphabetical order in the following formats:

AUTHOR (S). Title of the article. The periodical’s title, local, volume, number, pagination beginning-end, date.

AUTHOR (S).Title of the article .The periodical’s title, city, volume, number, pagination, year.
Available in : <web page >. Access in : day, month (abbreviated). year.

AUTHOR (S). Article title. Title of Periodical, place of publication, v., n. P., year. CD-ROM

AUTHOR (S). Title: sub-title. Edition. Local of publication: company, year. pages (total or partial).

AUTHOR (S). Title of the chapter. In: Book’s AUTHOR. Title: subtitle. Edition (abbreviated). Location: Publisher, year. pages of the chapter.

AUTHOR(S).Title. Edition (abbreviated). Local: Company, year, pages (total or partial).
Available in <web page>. Access in: day, month (abbreviated). year.

AUTHOR(S). Title. Edition (abbreviated). Local: Company, year. Page CD-ROM

AUTHOR. Title of the paper. In: NAME OF THE EVENT, number, year, place of the event.
Title …Local of publication: Company, year publish year. Page.

AUTHOR. Title of the paper. In: NAME OF THE EVENT, number, year, place of the event. Title …Local of publication: Company, year publish year. Page. Available in <web page> . Access in: day, month (abbreviated) . year.

AUTHOR. Title. year. number of pages or volumes. Thesis category (grade and concentration’s area) – Institution, University, year.


CHART – Microsoft Word 97 or superior version; Source: Times New Roman, size 12; Paragraph / spacing: simple; Chart width: 10 or 20,6 cm; title or footnote should be typed in MS Word.

GRAPHIC – Microsoft Excel / Word 97 or superior version; Source: Times New Roman, Size: 12; Paragraph / spacing: simple; Chart width: 10 or 20,6 cm; Besides the graphic is joined in the end of the paper it should be sent separately, as image (in the extension jpg, tif or gif with 300 dpi of resolution). In the case of a figure with 2,4,6 or more charts / figures, these should be sent in a single file, preferably saved in jpg. The title or the footnotes should be typed in MS Word.

PICTURES - All pictures should be with 300dpi of resolution in an extension file : jpg , jpeg, tif or gif; Besides being in the body of the paper; the pictures should de in separated file. The title or the footnotes should be printed in the MS Word.

FIGURE OR IMAGES CREATED BY OTHER PROGRAMS - The images created by other programs that are not from Microsoft Office should be with 300 dpi in the extension: jpg, tif or gif; width: 10 or 20,6 cm. The title or footnotes should be printed in the MS Word.


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