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Scope and policy

The Revista Brasileira de Fisiologia Vegetal is the official journal of the Brazilian Society of Plant Physiology and is devoted to publish original research contributions in various fields of plant physiology. Revista Brasileira de Fisiologia Vegetal publishes regular papers, short communications, minireviews and Brazilian minireviews. Minireviews are published upon invitation but authors may also propose to the Editor-in-Chief a topic for submission. Brazilian minireviews should focus on the physiology of plants of tropical natural ecosystems. These minireviews are not intended for articles in taxonomy, anatomy, systematics and ecology unless they have a physiological approach. Revista Brasileira de Fisiologia Vegetal publishes articles in the following sections:

  • Biochemical Processes (primary and secondary metabolism, and biochemistry)
  • Photobiology and Photosynthesis Processes
  • Gene Regulation, Transformation, Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Plant Nutrition
  • Development, Growth and Diferentiation (seed physiology, hormonal physiology and morphogenesis)
  • Post-harvest Physiology
  • Ecophysiology/Crop Physiology and Stress Physiology
  • Plant-Microbe and Plant-Insect Interactions
  • Instrumentation in Plant Physiology

Revista Brasileira de Fisiologia Vegetal only accepts manuscripts written in clear, concise and fluent English. Contributions should present new and significant findings. This is particularly important for manuscripts on Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture that should rely on the basis of novelty and potential contribution to the understanding of plant physiology. Simple experiments on applications of existing methods or methodological and technical procedures will not be considered for publication as well as data from dose-response experiments without physiological discussion. Authors should consult the homepage of Revista Brasileira de Fisiologia Vegetal ( for Instructions to Authors.


Submit manuscripts

Submit manuscripts to:

Paulo Mazzafera
Editor-in-Chief BJPP
Departamento de Fisiologia Vegetal - IB
CP 6109, Unicamp
13083-970, Campinas, SP, Brazil
Fax: (55 19) 3289-3124

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