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Aim and editorial policy

The Revista Brasileira de Geofísica (RBGf - Brazilian Journal of Geophysics) is published four times a year by the Sociedade Brasileira de Geofísica (SBGf - Brazilian Geophysical Society). Its main objective is the diffusion at national and international levels, especially in the Iberian language countries, of technical and original articles in the areas of Solid Earth Geophysics, Space Geophysics and Applied Geophysics.

The journal also publishes works in areas such as Atmospheric Sciences, Oceanography, Geodesy, Tectonophysics among other related fields.

In addition to full scientific articles and short communications, the RBGf publishes the Boletim Sísmico Brasileiro and the Boletim Geomagnético do Observatório Nacional, as well as a variety of other articles related to Geophysics: analyses, syntheses, debates, reviews, translations, abstracts of theses and dissertations, news, correspondences, etc.

Editorial work is fulfilled by the Editorial Board, Division Associate Editors, Advisory Editorial Board and a group of reviewers, whose names are announced periodically.

All submitted manuscripts are reviewed by at least two specialists chosen by the Editors, whose names are kept anonymous. In the same way, author's names are not informed to the reviewers during the review process (Blind Review).

All copyrights are reserved to authors. Reproductions of any part of this journal, including the non-commercial use of figures, maps and others illustrations, are allowed provided that the original source of publication is assigned.

Ideas, concepts, contents and style of the text are author's responsibility. However, political, commercial or religious references will not be allowed in the text.

The journal will only publish articles previously approved by the editorial board, based on quality criteria.


Preparation of the manuscript

1. It will only be accepted for publication in the Revista Brasileira de Geofísica (RBGf - Brazilian Journal of Geophysics) original geophysical papers and correlated areas, not previously published, or in publishing process. However, it will be permitted re-publications of papers of recognized scientific value.

2. The papers shall be written in Portuguese, English or Spanish. In any case, one abstract in English and another in Portuguese or Spanish must be included along with the correspondent titles and keywords.

3. All submitted manuscripts shall be sent in four full copies (double space) to the Brazilian Geophysical Society at the address below.

Avenida Rio Branco, # 156 room 2509
Rio de Janeiro – RJ
Zip Code: 20040-003

4. The papers shall be prepared in a style that the first page contains the title of the paper, the author's full name, the author's institution(s) and mailing address. The second page shall include the English and the Portuguese abstracts and the contents of the paper specified in items, as well as the number of included figures and tables. Manuscripts should be submitted in MS-Word or in LaTeX, using the article style.

5. The keywords must consist of three to five terms separated by comma and should not repeat words already used in the title. Capital letters should be used only when orthographic rules require.

6. Tables and figures shall be appended at the end of the text preceded by a sheet containing the respective captions. Do not insert captions on the figures nor in the tables. Inside the main text the spaces where the figures and the tables should be inserted shall be indicated. The figure and table captions should be written in the original language.

7. Footnotes shall be placed at the bottom of the page where they will be indicated.

8. Figures will be printed in maximum dimensions of 18cm x 24cm. Hence, the originals shall be prepared considering possible reductions, in such a case that the details, symbols and letters do not vanish after the reduction. Authors should consider that the size of characters after reduction cannot be less than 1mm. Figures that do not follow the standards of the journal will be returned to authors for review.

9. Figures shall be presented in digital files or opaque paper or good quality white paper, or in white-and-black photographs. Figures shall be presented in digital archives (CD-ROM), in high resolution (300 dpi). Exceptionally color photographs will be accepted.

10. Subtitles should be positioned on the left margin and should be formatted as below:

Theoretical Revision

Laboratory Measurements



11. Tables must be auto-explicative and not too very long. The density of information on the tables should take into account possible reductions.

12. Authors shall supply clear instructions about the composition of symbols in formulas and equations. Equations shall be sequentially numbered in parenthesis right-justified on the line. Inside the main text they must be referred to as "Eq.(1)", "Eqs.(2) and (3)" etc.

13. Use International Measurement System Units whenever possible.

14. Bibliographic References shall be alphabetically ordered by the surname of the first author. When several references of the same author exist they should firstly be referenced by the number of authors (in case of same number of authors, alphabetical order prevails) and then by the date of the paper in ascendent order. Examples:

BOTT MHP. 1982. Stress based tectonic mechanisms at passive continental margins. In: SCRUTTON RA (Ed.). Dynamics of Passive Margins. Geodynamics Series, v. 6, AGU, p. 147-153.

CHAPMAN DS & POLLACK HN. 1975. Global heat flow: a new look. Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 28: 23-32.

MILANI EJ, BRANDÃO JASL, ZALÁN PV & GAMBOA LAP. 2000. Petróleo na Margem Continental Brasileira: Geologia, Exploração, Resultados e Perspectivas. Rev. Bras. Geof., 18(3): 351-396.

OLIVEIRA VF. 1986. Análise de Dados Sísmicos registrados com Grandes Afastamentos entre a fonte e os receptores. Dissertação (Mestrado em Geofísica) – Programa de Pós-graduação em Geofísica, Centro de Pesquisa em Geofísica e Geologia, Universidade Federal da Bahia, 1986. 109 p.

SILVA EFF, PORTUGAL RS & VICENTINI A. 2007. Model rays for depth-to-time conversion. In: Congresso Internacional da Sociedade Brasileira de Geofísica, 11., 2009, Salvador. Anais... Salvador: SBGf, 2009. CD-ROM.

VENING MEINESZ FA. 1964. The Earth's Crust and Mantle. Developments in Solid Earth Geophysics (1), Elsevier, N.Y., 435 p.

Abbreviations of the names of the journals can be found in World List of Scientific Periodicals, 4th Edition.

For Reviews or Tutorial Articles: the scientific content is not required to be original and to have a significant contribution but should be addressed to readers with a wide variety of backgrounds and interests. For Abstracts of Thesis: should not exceed 500 words and should have the names of the student and of the advisor, university and department, degree obtained and date of the final presentation.


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