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This journal has been discontinued in the SciELO collection in 04/2017.
The data below are from 04/2017 and outdated.


Scope and policy

The Brazilian Journal of Medicinal Plants [BJMP] is a quarterly publication devoted to the dissemination of original articles, reviews and preliminary notes, which must be inedited, covering the broad areas of medicinal plants. Manuscripts involving clinical trials must be accompanied of an authorization by the Ethics Committee of the Institution where the experiment was carried out. The articles can be written in Portuguese, English or Spanish; however, an abstract in both English and Portuguese is obligatory, independently of the used language. Papers should be sent by e-mail to, typed in Arial 12, double space, 2cm margins, Word for Windows. Telephone numbers for any urgent contact should also be included in the submission e-mail. The articles should not exceed 20 pages.

For publication of articles submitted to RBPM after 1 st April 2013, there is a cost of $ 300 (three hundred reais) to be paid by the authors only by receiving the acceptance letter, when they will receive also the invoice and payment instruction.


Format and preparation of manuscripts


Reviews and Preliminary Notes must be basically structured into Title, Authors, Resumo, Palavras-chave, Abstract, Key words, Text, Acknowledgement (optional), and References.

Special attention should be given to Review Articles; Ipsis-Litteris citation from other published texts must be avoided since it means plagiarism by law.


Articles must be structured as follows:
TITLE: The title must be clear and concise, typed in bold, with only the first letter in
uppercase, and centralized on the top of the page. A subtitle, if available, must follow the title, in lowercase letters, and may be preceded by a roman numeral. The common names of medicinal plants must be followed by their scientific names in parentheses, available at and

AUTHORS: Cite first the last name of authors in full (use only the initials of first and
intermediate names without spaces and separated by commas), in uppercase letters and bold, starting two lines below the title. Following each author's name, a superscript number must indicate the respective Institution and address (street, zip code, town, country). The corresponding author must be identified with an e-mail address. Authors' names must be separated by a semicolon.

RESUMO: "Resumo" must be on the title page, starting two lines below the authors' names. It must be written in only one paragraph containing aims, summarized material and methods, main results, and conclusion. No literature citations must be included. Palavras-chave: "Palavras-chave" must start one line below "Resumo" at the left margin, typed in bold, and should include up to five words separated by commas.

ABSTRACT: It must contain the title and the abstract in English, with the same format as that in Portuguese (single paragraph), except for the title which must be typed in bold with the first letter in uppercase and included after the word ABSTRACT.

Key words: The key words in English must be typed bellow the ABSTRACT and should
include up to five words separated by commas

INTRODUCTION: The introduction must contain a brief literature review and the aims of the work. Authors must be cited in the text according to the following examples: Silva (1996); Pereira & Antunes (1985); (Souza & Silva, 1986), or when there are more than two authors, Santos et al. (1996).

MATERIAL AND METHOD: The employed original techniques must be completely described or references to previous works reporting these methods should be included. Statistical analyses must also contain references. In the methods, the following data regarding the studied species must be presented: scientific name and author, name of the Herbarium where the voucher species is stored and its respective number Voucher Number).

RESULT AND DISCUSSION: These can be presented separately or as a single section,
including a summarized conclusion at the end.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: If necessary, acknowledgements must be written in this section.

REFERENCE: References must follow the examples below:

AUTHOR(S) separated by semicolons without spaces between initials. Paper title. Journal title in full, volume, number, first page-last page, year.

KAWAGISHI, H. et al. Fractionation and antitumor activity of the water-insoluble residue of Agaricus blazei fruiting bodies. Carbohydrate Research, v.186, n.2, p.267-73, 1989.

AUTHOR. Book title. Edition. Publication place: Publisher, Year. Total number of pages. MURRIA, R.D.H.; MÉNDEZ, J.; BROWN, S.A. The natural coumarins: occurrence, chemistry, and biochemistry. 3.ed. Chinchester: John Wiley & Sons, 1982. 702p.

Book Chapters:
AUTHOR(S) OF THE CHAPTER. Chapter title. In: AUTHOR (S) of the BOOK. Book title:
subtitle. Edition. Publication place: Publisher, year, first page-last page. HUFFAKER, R.C. Protein metabolism. In: STEWARD, F.C. (Ed.). Plant physiology: a treatise. Orlando: Academic Press, 1983. p.267-33.

PhD or Master Thesis:
AUTHOR. Title: subtitle. Year. Total number of pages. Category (degree and concentration area) - Institution, University, Place. OLIVEIRA, A.F.M. Caracterização de Acanthaceae medicinais conhecidas como anador no nordeste do Brasil. 1995. 125p. Dissertation (Master's - Concentration area in Botany) - Department of Botany, Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Recife.

Papers from Events:
AUTHOR(S). Paper title. In: Title of the event in uppercase letters, number, year, place. Publication type... Place: Publisher, year. first page-last page. VIEIRA, R.F.; MARTINS, M.V.M. Estudos etnobotânicos de espécies medicinais de uso popular no Cerrado. In: INTERNATIONAL SAVANNA SYMPOSIUM, 3., 1996, Brasília. Proceedings Brasília: Embrapa, 1996. p.169-71.

Electronic Publication:
AUTHOR(S). Paper title. Journal title, volume, number, first page-last page, year. Place: publisher, year. Pages. Available at: <http://www........>. Accessed on: day month (abbreviated) year. PEREIRA, R.S. et al. Atividade antibacteriana de óleos essenciais em cepas isoladas de infecção urinária. Revista de Saúde Pública, v.38, n.2, p.326-8, 2004. Available at: Accessed on: 18 Apr. 2005. Do not cite abstracts or research reports unless the information is extremely important and has not been published as a different format. Personal communications must be written as footnotes on the page they are cited but should be avoided if possible. Citations such as "Almeida (1994) cited by Souza (1997)" should also be avoided.

TABLES: Tables must be inserted within the text and typed in Arial 10, single space. The word TABLE must be typed in uppercase letters followed by Arabic numerals; in the text, tables must be typed in lowercase letters (Table). The Table title must be typed in Arial 12 while the data within the Table must be in Arial 10.

FIGURES: Illustrations (graphs, photographs, drawings, maps) must be typed in uppercase letters followed by Arabic numerals, Arial 12, inserted within the text. When cited in the text, lowercase letters should be used (Figure). Captions and axes must be typed in Arial 10. Photographs must be sent in separate files of 300 DPI resolution, 800 x 600, JPEG extension, for publication printing.

Review Process: The manuscripts are analyzed by at least two reviewers, according to a guide for evaluation mainly based on the scientific approach. The reviewers will recommend the acceptance, with or without the need of reevaluation, rejection or changes; in the latter case, the rewritten article will return to the reviewer for a final evaluation. When at least 2 reviewers approve the manuscript, with no need of a reevaluation, it will be ready for publication and the author will receive the acceptance letter and instructions for cost payment (R$ 300/manuscript)*.Reviewers' names are hidden, and the authors' names are also concealed from reviewers.

* Only approved articles submitted after 1st April 2013 must pay for publication costs.

Copyright: When submitting an article to the journal, the authors must be aware that if it is accepted for publication, its copyright, including rights for reproduction in all media and formats, will be exclusively ceded to the Brazilian Journal of Medicinal Plants. The journal will not refuse legitimate requests by the authors to reproduce their articles.

ATTENTION: Articles not consistent with these standards will be returned to authors.

Note: Opinions and concepts reported in the papers constitute the author's exclusive
responsibility. However, the Editorial Board has the right to suggest or require the
modifications they judge necessary.


Submission of manuscripts

Papers should be sent by e-mail to



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