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Scope and Editorial Policy

Privacy Policy
The articles published by the Journal of Agronomical Science are publicly accessible in all of its contents and it was based on the principle of free dissemination of research results, and thus generate a greater exchange of knowledge. This policy leads to dissemination, expansion of reading and citation of scientific articles of an author.
The names, postal addresses and email addresses will be used strictly to fulfill the purposes of the Journal of Agronomical Science Journal, not available for other purposes.
Peer Review Process
Articles submitted to publication will be sent at least to two ad hoc reviewers for evaluations. The decision of publication lies with the editors and it is based on the recommendation of the Editorial Committee and the ad hoc reviewers. It is mandatory that the ad hoc reviewers selected for each article to be from institutions other then that of the authors. The number of authors for each article should not be more then five, save for special reasons that are to be presented and accepted by the Editorial Committee.
Articles submitted out of the standards required by the Journal will be returned to the authors for correction. After the second return due to norm irregularity a non-refundable tax in the value of R$ 40.00 (forty reais) will be required to adjust the manuscript to rules. The article will not be sent for review until it is rigorously in accordance with the writing standards of the Journal of Agronomical Science. It is mandatory that the ad hoc reviewers selected for each article to be from institutions other then that of the authors. The number of authors for each article should not be more then five, save for special reasons that are to be presented and accepted by the Editorial Committee.


Form and preparation of manuscripts

Please note: These rules are subject to change, and should therefore be consulted before submitting any article, being valid for all papers submitted to The Journal of Agronomic Science. An example of an article can be found under "MODELO ARTIGO" at the site http://www.ccarevista.ufc.br.

1. Editorial Policy
The Revista Ciência Agronômica is intended for the publication of scientific and tecnnical articles and original scientific notes, which are unpublished, have not been submitted to any other journal, and are inherent to the areas of the Agricultual Sciences and Natural Resources.

Articles may be submitted to the Revista Ciência Agronômica in Portuguese or in English. For articles submitted in English, the authors should provide a version of good quality (translation by native speaker or specialised company). All articles will be published in English. The text in English of articles accepted for publication will be subject to correction and paid for by the authors. The text in Portuguese of articles accepted for publication will be translated into English and paid for by the authors, with the receipt being sent to the head office of the RCA at the time of submission, through our site, using the option “Supplementary Document Transfer” [Transferir Documentos Suplementares].

2. Cost of Publication
The cost is R$ 45.00 (forty-five Brazilian reals) per edited page in its final form. A non-refundable deposit of R$ 100.00 (one hundred Brazilian reals) will be required upon submission. Proof of deposit or transfer should be sent by email to the RCA (ccarev@ufc.br).
Where text requires colour printing, an additional fee of R$ 80.00 (eighty reals) per page must be paid. All deposits or transfers should be made to:

Banco do Brasil: Agência bancária: 3653-6 - Conta Corrente: 46.375-2

The opinions expressed in papers are the sole responsibility of their authors. The Journal of Agronomic Science reserves the right to adapt originals in order to maintain uniformity of the publication. JAS no longer provides offprints or copies for authors. Distribution of the JAS in printed form is the responsibility of the Library of Science and Technology at the Federal University of Cearáand is carried out through exchanges with libraries in Brazil and abroad.
For on-line submission the following are required:

1. The agreement and statement of copyright responsibility, signed by the authors and submitted using “Transfer Supplemental Documents”;
2. That all authors be registered on the system;
3. In its final version only, the article should contain the names and identification of all authors as a footnote, including that of the title;
4. Identification and full address of the author for correspondence.

3. Formatting
Typing: A maximum of 20 pages, double-spaced, in normal Times New Roman size 12 font, with a 1cm paragraph indentation. All margins should be 2.5cm. Lines should be numbered continuously.
Structure: scientific articles should follow the following order: title; title in English; authors; resumo (abstract in Portuguese); keywords in Portuguese; abstract; key words in English; introduction; materials and methods; results and discussion; findings; acknowledgments (optional) and references. Scientific notes need not follow the same structure as articles, but must contain the title in English, resumo, keywords in Portuguese, abstract and keywords in English.

Title: should be written in bold type with only the first letter in uppercase, centered on the page, and contain a maximum of 15 words. In a numbered footnote, called from the title, there should be information about the nature of the work (whether extracted from a thesis/dissertation, whether funded research), with references to any collaborating institutions. The titles of the remaining sections of the structure (resumo, keywords, abstract,...) should be written with the first letter in uppercase, in bold type and left-justified.

Authors: full names (with no abbreviations) should come under the title, with only the first letter in uppercase, one after another, separated by commas and centered on the line. As a footnote on the first page, you should indicate, for each author, his full affiliation (department, centre, institution, city, state and country), email with the full address of the author for correspondence. The author for correspondence should be identified by an "*". Articles with more than five authors will only be accepted, when the survey has been demonstrably developed in separate regions. In the first version of the submitted article, the names of the authors and footnote should be omitted. The model to be adopted for the inclusion of the names of the authors and footnote in the final version of the article should follow that presented in “modelo de artigo” (www.ccarevista.ufc.br).

Resumo and Abstract: should each begin with these words in the left margin, with only the first letter in uppercase, be in bold type and contain a maximum of 250 words.

Key words: should contain, for indexing purposes, between three and five terms which should not appear in the title. Each keyword should start with an uppercase letter and be followed by a period.

Introduction: should be compact and objective, containing actual quotations that are related to the subject covered in the research. The quotations found in the introduction should be employed to support the discussion of the findings, thus

creating a context for the study of method and discussion of results. It should not contain more than 550 words.

Quotations from authors in the text: the rules of the ABNT, NBR 10520 of August 2002 should be followed.
Ex: Santos (2002) or (SANTOS, 2002); with two authors, use Pereira and Freitas (2002) or (PEREIRA; FREITAS, 2002), with three or more authors, use Xavier et al. (1997) or (XAVIER et al.,1997).

Tables: should be numbered consecutively using Arabic numerals at the top. Do not use vertical lines. Horizontal lines should be used to separate the title from the header and this from the content. There should also be a line at the end of the table. Each piece of data should occupy a separate cell. Double-spacing should be used. Do not use bold type or uppercase letters in the header. It is recommended that tables be 8.0 cm wide and not exceed 17cm. See the table shown in “modelo de artigo” (www.ccarevista.ufc.br).

Figures: Graphs, photographs or drawings should use the generic name Figure followed by consecutive Arabic numerals and legend at the bottom. Graphs should be prepared using software compatible with Microsoft Windows. The RESOLUTION must be at least 500 dpi and they should be sent as files separate from the text file. Figures should be 8.2cm wide and not exceed 17cm. The font should be Times New Roman, size 10, and bold type should not be used to identify the axes. The Journal of Agronomic Science reserves the right not to accept tables or figures in landscape format or which are more than 17cm wide. Tables and Figures should be inserted immediately after their first reference.

Equations: should be typed using the equation editor in Word in Times New Roman font. Equations should be numbered consecutively using Arabic numerals. The default size should be:
Normal = 12 pt
Subscript / superscript = 8 pt
Sub-subscript/superscript = 5 pt
Symbol = 18 pt
Sub-symbol = 14 pt

1. If you have carried out variance analysis, the value of "F" and its significance should be shown;
2. Quantitative data should be worked using regression analysis;
3. The significance of the parameters of the regression equation should be shown;
4. Depending on the study (e.g. function of production), signs associated with parameters should be analysed.
5. A minimum of four points are required for adjustment of the regression equations.
6. The coefficients of the regression model should have the following format: y = a + bx + cx2 +...

Acknowledgments: directed at individuals or institutions, can come immediately after the findings, they should be serious and unambiguous and indicate your reasons for including them.

References: should be presented in alphabetical order of author and following NBR 6023 of August 2002 of the ABNT. 60% OF THE TOTAL REFERENCES SHOULD COME FROM INDEXED SCIENTIFIC JOURNALS WITH A PUBLICATION DATE OF LESS THAN 10 YEARS. With respect to periodicals, information concerning the place of publication is not required, but titles should not be abbreviated. A total of 20 to 30 references is recommended.


NEWMANN. A. L.; SNAPP, R. R. Beef cattle. 7.ed. New York: John Willey, 1977. 883p.

Chapter in a book
MALAVOLTA, E.; DANTAS, J. P. Nutrição e adubação do milho. In: PATERNIANI, E.; VIEGAS, G. P. Melhoramento e produção do milho. 2.ed. Campinas: Fundação Cargil, 1987. cap. 13, p.539-593.

SILVA, M. N. da. População de plantas e adubação nitrogenada em algodoeiro herbáceo irrigado. 2001. 52 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Fitotecnia) - Universidade Federal do Ceará, Fortaleza.

XAVIER, D. F.; CARVALHO, M. M.; BOTREL, M. A. Resposta de Cratylia argentea à aplicação em um solo ácido. Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia, v. 27, n. 01, p.014-18, 1997.

SOUZA, F. X.; MEDEIROS FILHO, S.; FREITAS, J. B. S. Germinação de sementes de cajazeira (Spondias mombin L.) com pré-embebição em água e hipoclorito de sódio. In: CONGRESSO BRASILEIRO DE SEMENTES, 11., 1999, Foz do Iguaçu. Abstracts... Foz do Iguaçu: ABRATES, 1999. p.158.

Conference proceedings papers
BRAYNER, A. R. A.; MEDEIROS, C. B. Incorporação do tempo em SGBD orientado a objetos. In: SIMPÓSIO BRASILEIRO DE BANCO DE DADOS, 9., São Paulo. Proceedings...  São Paulo: USP, 1994. p. 6-29.

Conference proceedings papers by internet
SILVA, R. N.; OLIVEIRA, R. Os limites pedagógicos do paradigma da qualidade total na educação. In: CONGRESSO DE INICIAÇÃO CIENTÍFICA DA UFPe, 4., 1996, Recife. Eletronic proceeding... Recife: UFPe, 1996. Disponível em: . Acesso em: 21 jan. 1997.

Conference proceedings papers in CD
GUNCHO, M. R. A educação à distância e a biblioteca universitária. In: SEMINÁRIO DE BIBLIOTECAS UNIVERSITÁRIAS, 10., 1998, Fortaleza. Proceedings... Fortaleza: Tec Treina. 1 CD

COME FROM INDEXED SCIENTIFIC JOURNALS WITH A PUBLICATION DATE OF LESS THAN 10 YEARS. With respect to periodicals, information concerning the place of publication is not required, but titles should not be abbreviated. A total of 20 to 30 references is recommended.


3. Checklist - Revista Ciência Agronômica

Aimed at facilitating the process of submitting an article, the Editorial Board of Revista Ciência Agronômica, has developed a checklist so that an author is able to

check all formatting of his own manuscript, BEFORE submitting it for publication. The checklist was prepared in accordance with the rules of the Revista Ciência Agronômica. NEGATIVE answers to this checklist mean that your article needs to be further tailored to the journal’s guidelines, and the submission of such articles will result in their return and subsequent delay in processing.
POSITIVE answers mean that your article is in accordance with the guidelines,
resulting in greater speed during processing.

A. With reference to the work

  1. Is the work original?
  2. Does the work represent a scientific contribution to the area of the Agricultural Sciences?
  3. Is the work being submitted exclusively to the Revista Ciência Agronômica?

B. With reference to formatting

    4 Does work which is ready to be submitted online, leave out the names of the authors?
    5 Does the work contain no more than 20 pages, in A4 format, double-spaced including references; in Times New Roman, size 12 font including titles and subtitles?
    6 Were the margins set at 2.5 cm, page numbering placed at the top right, and lines numbered continuously?
    7 Was the 1 cm paragraph indentation defined in the paragraph format? Remember that the journal does not accept paragraph indents using the "TAB" key or "space bar".
    8 Is the structure of the work in accordance with the set guidelines, i.e. is it in the following order: title, title in English, authors, abstract in Portuguese (resumo), keywords in Portuguese, abstract, key words, introduction, material and methods, results and discussion, conclusions, acknowledgements (optional) and references?
    9 Does the title contain no more than 15 words?
    10 Do the abstract in Portuguese (resumo) and the abstract in English each contain a maximum of 250 words?
    11 Do the keywords contain between three and five terms, begin with an upper-case letter and are they followed by a period?
    12 Does the introduction contain current quotes that are related to the subject discussed in the research? Does it have a maximum of 550 words?
    13 Were the quotations presented in the introduction used to support the discussion of the results?
    14 Are the quotations in accordance with the journal guidelines?
    15 Are figures and tables formatted in accordance with the journal guidelines and inserted immediately following their initial quote? Remember, the “enter” key cannot be used in cells which make up the tables.
    16 If there are any tables, are they in portrait orientation?
    17 Are all figures in high-quality resolution (of at least 500 DPI)?
    18 Are the units and symbols used in your work within the guidelines of the International System as adopted by the Revista Ciência Agronômica?
    19 Are numbers separated by semicolon? Are the units separated from the numbers by a space? Remember, there is no space between the number and the % symbol.
    20 Does your work contain between 20 and 30 references, with 60% of those references having been published in indexed journals within the last ten years?
    21Are all references quoted within the text?
    22Are all references that are quoted within the text, correctly described and listed as per the magazine guidelines?

C. Comments:

    1 Remember that IF the journal's guidelines are not followed precisely, your work will not be processed. It is best therefore, to delay sending it in for a few days to verify all the guidelines. Checking other works already published in your area can help you address possible questions, and they can serve as models to follow (access to journals can be found on the site http://www.ccarevista.ufc.br/busca).
    2 Should your answers all be in the AFFIRMATIVE, your work can be sent in with greater confidence. If you still have any NEGATIVE answers, your work will be returned, delaying the submission process.
    Remember: If your work is returned for a second time due to non-compliance with the guidelines, especially in the case of references, your submission will be cancelled and no refund of the submission fee will be made. It is very important therefore, for authors to check carefully whether the article is in accordance with the standards required by the Revista Ciência Agronômica.
    3 Try always to monitor the status of your work on the journal’s site (http://ccarevista.ufc.br) using  the online system for article management.
    4 This checklist does not replace a technical review made by the magazine, and which will be undergone by all articles submitted.


Submission of manuscripts

Online Submissions
Site http://www.ccarevista.ufc.br
Submission Preparation Checklist
As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.
A. In relation to paper
1. Is it original ?
2. Does it represent a scientific contribution to Agrarian Science?
3. Is the paper being submitted exclusively to Revista Ciência Agronômica?
B. In relation to manuscript format
1. Are the author names omitted?
2. Does the manuscript have less than 20 pages? Is it printed in paper A4 (21 x 29,7 cm)? Is it in double spacing, including references? Is Times New Roman font, normal style, 12, used? ,
3. Do all borders have 2.5 cm? Is page number placed in the top-right corner of the page? Are all the lines numbered in continuous form?
4. Is the indent paragraph equal to 1cm? Remember: do not use TAB or "space bar" to intend the paragraph.
5. Is the manuscript organized in the following order?: Title, Name(s) of author(s), Abstract, Key words (3-5 words), Introduction, Material and methods, Results and discussion, Conclusion, Acknowledgements and References.
6. Is the title not longer than 15 words?
7. Is the abstract not longer than 250 words?
8. Is each key word (3-5 words) starting with capital letter followed by dot point?
9. Is the introduction not longer than 550 words?
10. Were references included in introduction used to support the discussion of results?
11. Are references in according to the rules?
12. Are tables and figures in according to author guidelines? They must be inserted in the manuscript after the first citation.
13. Remember; the "enter" command can not be used in the table cells.
14. Tables and figures can not pass the page margins as well as they must be disposed in portrait format.
15. Do figures present good quality (at least 500 dpis)?
16. Are units and symbols in according to SI units?
17. Are numbers separated by ";"? Are units apart of numbers by one space? Keep in mind: there is no space between the number and the % symbol.
18. Are the total of references around 20-30? Were the 60% of total references published in the least 10 years?
19. Are all references cited in the text?
20. Are all citation in the list of references?
IF all answers are POSIVITES, your manuscript can be submitted safely.
Keep in mind:
1. This checklist does not mean a technical revision.
2. IF the manuscript is not in according to the periodic regulation, the submission will be cancelled. It is suggested a delay in the submission for a few days more, and check the manuscript again.
3. IF the resubmission still in conflict with the periodic regulation, it will be required a fee of R$40.00 to adjust manuscript to the periodic rules.

Privacy Statement

The cost of publication is R$ 35.00 (thirty-five reals) per edited page in its final form. Upon submission, a non-refundable deposit of R$ 100.00 (hundred reals) is payable. This amount will be deducted from the final cost of the edited article accepted for publication. The deposit or transfer slip should be sent by email to the JAS (ccarev@ufc.br).

Where text requires colour printing, an additional fee of R$ 80.00 (eighty reals) per page must be paid. All deposits or transfers should be made to: REVCIENAGRON ALEK - Banco do Brasil: Banking Agency: 4439-3 Savings Account: 13.215-2 Var 01


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