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Scope and Policy

Revista Caatinga runs with a group of specialists largely known by their expertise in Agrarian Science and similar fields, such as Agronomy, Forest Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Animal Husbandry, Fishing Engineering, Agricultural Economy and Food Engineering. The original papers will be evaluated by professionals specialized in the fields approached. The studies will be submitted to evaluation without any information about the authorship.

The original papers will be delivered to the evaluators. The papers selection process concerns of an evaluation by more than 3 ad hoc evaluators/specialists and the members of the Editorial Board.

The studies can be submitted in Portuguese, English or Spanish. However, after the approval for publication by the Editorial Board, the author will be contacted to translate the paper to English. In case the paper is already submitted in English, after the approval for publication by the Editorial Board the author will be contacted to review the English writing. The publications will be English only.

The authors are required to pay R$ 150 to submit a paper to the Journal Revista Caatinga. The charge is not refundable and it must be used the Brazilian Federal Collection Form (GRU) in order to pay for it. The Submission charge will not be discounted from the final edited and accepted paper cost. Once accepted for publication, the authors are required to pay a Publication charge of R$ 400, which may also be done by using a GRU form.  

The guidelines for payment procedures are available on the journal's webpage, on the link "TAXAS E ORIENTAÇÕES PARA PAGAMENTO" (charges and payment guidelines)

The journal's plagiarism policy aims at plagiarism checking. The checking is performed by the manuscripts reviewers who adopt different checking systems. Also, in order to prevent problems regarding publication rights and originality, the journal Revista Caatinga requires from the authors a Statement of Authorship and Responsibility. This information is available on the journal's webpage, on the link Sobre> Diretrizes para Autores > ITEM 8. Plágio: (About>Guidelines for the authors>ITEM 8. Plagiarism):


Form and  preparation of  manuscripts

Revista Caatinga offers free and instantaneous access to its content believing in the principle that providing scientific knowledge free of charge to the public brings a greater democratization of knowledge. Any manuscript that fits in the fields of Revista Caatinga can be submitted.

As a step of the submission process, the authors are required to review the aspects that follow in:

The manuscripts that are not in accordance with the rules established will be returned to their authors. The manuscripts also must be original and unpublished, as well as not being evaluated for publication by other journal. If so, it must be said in the “Notes to the editors” section.

The files to be submitted must be in DOC extension (Microsoft Word), as long as it does not exceed 2MB. Every internet addresses (URLs) inserted in the text (Ex.: must be available. The line spacing must be 1.5; the text must be in the Times New Roman font with size 12; Figures and tables must be in the text, not at the end.

The text must follow the style patterns and the reference available in: content/uploads/sites/11/2016/03/RevistaCaatringa_APRESENTA%C3%87%C3%83O-E-PREPARO-DOS-MANUSCRITOS.pdf

The authorship is removed from the file name and from the option PROPERTIES in the DOC file, allowing the confidentiality by the journal, according to the instructions at Therefore, it is assured a blindly and honesty evaluation in accordance to the confidential policies.


Send of the manuscripts

The manuscripts can be submitted or sent in Portuguese, English or Spanish. They must be in accordance to the norms proposed by the journal, which can be found in a model available to all users. After the manuscript follows the style and reference requirements defined in the instructions and papers model, the manuscript must be attached to the Revista Caatinga system.


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