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Scope and political

Every article is reviewed by the editor, who assesses whether or not it fits the journal editorial policy. The article is then sent to two anonymous referees who evaluate qualitatively its content and style in accordance with blind peer review principles. Referees take 45 to 120 days to provide their comments, that will be forwarded to the author for acknowledgment or improvement. In this latter case, a modified text can be sent to the journal to bere-evaluated. Authors will be emailed about the status of evaluation process, being able to access referees’ comments on their article. Exceptionally there can be invitations for articles made by the editor. The Jornal Direito GV does not perform billing rates submission, evaluation or editing of articles.


Form and preparing manuscripts

We ask authors to inform DIREITO GV of any financial support, private or public, and of any financial interest regarding the article that could create conflicts of interest.

Articles must have a maximum of 30 pages of 2100 characters. They must also be written according to ABNT (Brazilian Technical Norms Association) standards. Longer papers can be published subject to editor’s evaluation.

Book reviews must have a maximum of 10 PAGES OF 2,100 characters, preferably without footnotes. They must have a title and do not need to be preceded by an abstract. Suggestions for foreign books and magazines to be reviewed can be sent to the editor by email. Essays must have a maximum of 15 pages of 2,100 characters.

Papers must be sent to the editor, according to the following guidelines:

Style paper size: Letter (8,5 X 11 IN)

Text editor: Word for Windows 6.0 or higher

Margins (left, right, top, bottom): 2 cm

Font: Times New Roman, size 12

Paragraph: left aligned; space before text: 0; space after text: 12 points; line spacing: double spacing.


  • Title with a maximum of 8 words, uppercase, bold, in either portuguese and English;
  • Summary written in portuguese (or spanish), with about 150 words, left aligned, containing study field, objectives, methodology, results and conclusion;
  • Five keywords in portuguese, left aligned;
  • Abstract written in english, with about 150 words, left aligned, containing study field, objectives, methodology, results and conclusion;
  • Five keywords in english, left aligned.


Must be cited in the body of text, including author’s last name, year and page of the publication. Complete bibliography must be presented in alphabetical order at the end of the text, according to NBR-6023.

Notes must be cut to the minimum needed and presented at the end of text, sequentially numbered, before bibliography.


Must present title and source, and be placed at the end of text, after bibliography. Their position must be informed in the body of article, avoiding repetition of information in both chart and text.


In the same file, author must inform:

Page 1: title of the article, followed by author’s identification - full name, institution, position, full address, telephone and fax numbers and email.

Authors are fully and exclusively responsible for their articles.


Sending manuscripts

Submissions articles, essays and book reviews must be written in portuguese, spanish or english, and must not have been published elsewhere. They can be electronically sent to, or mailed (to José Rodrigo Rodriguez at: Rua Rocha, 233, 11° andar, São Paulo - SP, 01330-000). In case of submission by regular mail, author must send two printed copies, one of which with no author’s identification, as well as a floppy disk with the article in microsoft word format (.doc).


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