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To make a subscription of Brazilian Nursing Journal, fill the Subscription Form and send it by mail, fax or email, attaching a copy of the transfer / bank deposit and of ABEn annuity payment when Associate (Effective, Special or Temporary). The annual subscription prices for the printed version of the Brazilian Nursing Journal are:

  • Annual Individual Subscription (specify if):
    Effective Associate of ABEn (Nurse) - R$ 180,00
    Special Associate of ABEn (Nursing Technician and Aid) - R$ 120,00
    Temporary Associate of ABEn (Nursing Students - Undergraduation and Middle Degree) - R$ 100,00
    Non Associate of ABEn (Nursing professional or students; professionals of other areas) - R$ 300,00
  • Annual Institutional Subscription - R$ 420,00
  • Annual International Subscription - US$ 350,00
  • SINGLE ISSUE - R$ 80,00  (each) - specify when ordering the Volume, the Number and the quantity desired.


The value of the annual subscription or of the single issue shall be paid by transfer / bank deposit on behalf of the Brazilian Nursing Association, CNPJ 33.989.468-0001-00 in

Bank of Brazil

Agency: 3475-4

Current Account: 220482-7

O SEND A COPY OF THE PAYMENT (transfer / bank deposits and ABEn annuity payment, when Associate) OR FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONS go to:

Revista Brasileira de Enfermagem- REBEn
SGA Norte Quadra 603 Conj. "B" Av. L2 Norte
CEP 70830-102 Brasília-DF, Brasil
Tel.: (55 61) 3226-0653



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Revista Brasileira de Enfermagem - REBEn
SGA Norte Quadra 603 Conj. B Av. L2 Norte
CEP 70830-102 Brasília-DF, Brasil
Tel.: (55 61) 3226-0653