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Scope and policy

Editorial Statement - The Brazilian Journal of Political Economy will publish papers on political economy, and applied papers containing relevant analysis. Papers on development countries will have priority. Political economy is here broadly understood as economic and political theory relating the market and the state. The Journal maintains its pluralistic character, welcoming papers ranging from institutionalist and a public choice, to Keynesian, Schumpeterian, and structuralist approaches, originated from economists as well as political scientist committed to analysis the intersection between the state and the market. We emphasize that the authors respect the Instructions for Contributors, particularly with what concerns to the size limits. Papers will be refereed by peer reviewers and, after approved, will be published essentially according to the order of approval.

The Brazilian Journal of Political Economy is a quarterly journal edited by Centro de Economia Política. The Journal is published by Editora 34.


Manuscripts' form and presentation

Instructions for Contributors

1. The Brazilian Journal of Political Economy publishes papers, short papers, review-articles, notes and comments, documents and book reviews. The Journal does not solicit papers and the publication follows the order of approval by the Editorial Board.

2. The Papers should not exceed 52.000 characters with space, including references, tables, graphics and footnotes. Tables should be in Word format, should be small; and the number of tables and graphs should be limited. An abstract not exceeding 100 words, key-words and JEL code are required. The title should be concise. Review-articles should not exceed 62.000 characters with space.

3. Papers with econometrical tests will be accepted since the research is wide-ranging, the method of computation clearly specified and the conclusions also expressed in words. The date used in the analysis must be precisely documented and sent in attached file, informing the software version and the routines used. Details of the computations sufficient to permit replication must be provided.

4. Review-Articles are bibliographic statements on a certain subject. Short Papers, not exceeding 10 pages, shall be concise, and include explicit utilization of theoretical pattern. Comments are critical analysis on papers published in the Journal. If the comment is accepted for publication, the author of the commented paper will be given the right for reply in the same issue. Book Reviews are recommended by the Board of Directors and are limited to a maximum of 4.000 touches.

5. The Journal publishes original papers in English and Portuguese. Exceptionally, papers in Spanish will be published. Submission of a paper to the Journal will be taken to imply that it has not been previously published and is not being considered for publication elsewhere.

6. The works shall have complete and precise references. The work is identified by the name of the author, the date and the page number in parentheses, which will appear during the text or in a footnote. The complete bibliography reference shall appear at the end of the papers. The titles of the books and the names of the journals must always be in italic. The title of the papers should appear between quotation marks. In the case of books, the city and the name of the publisher, and in the case of papers, the volume, the number, the date of the Journal and the pages x until y are required.

7. The manuscripts will only be submitted to the Editorial Board if they respect the instructions above and if they attend the themes indicated in the Editorial Statement.

8. Submission of a manuscript implies commitment to publish in the Journal. No rights will be paid. The originals shall not be returned.


The sending of manuscripts


Manuscripts according to Instruction for Contributors shall be sent to , or two printed copies to Rua Araripina 106, CEP 05603-030 São Paulo - SP, Brazil.


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