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Basic information

The Journal of the Brazilian Society of Tropical Medicine (JBSTM) isan official journal of the Brazilian Society of Tropical Medicine) with open access. It is amultidisciplinary journal that publishes original researches related totropical diseases, preventive medicine, public health, infectious diseasesand related matters. Preference for publication will be given to articlesreporting original observations or researches. The journal has a peer-reviewsystem for articles acceptance and its periodicity is bimonthly. The Journalof the Brazilian Society of Tropical Medicine is published in English.The journal invites to publication Major Articles, Editorials, Reviewand Mini-Review Articles, Short Communications, Case Reports, TechnicalReports, Images in Infectious Diseases, Letters, Supplements and Obituaries.

The journal publishes as supplements papers and reports on the Chagasdesease and leishmaniasis presented at the SBMT annual congresses. TheSociety also publishes reports from the Pan American Health Organization(PAHO) and from Fundação Nacional de Saúde (NationalFoundation for Health - FNS) of the Ministério de Saúde(Ministry of Health - MS).

The abbreviated title of the journal is Rev Soc Bras Med Trop, whichshould be used in bibliographies, footnotes, bibliographical referencesand legends.


Brief history

The Society was founded in 1962 aiming to bring together physicians andresearchers working on tropical deseases. Since then, SBMT has organizedannual congresses and meetings, which provide forums for the discussionof different aspects of tropical diseases, specially the endemic diseasesin Brazil and Latin America, and mainly the Chagas disease and leishmaniasis.

One of the characteristics of the SBMT's and its congresses is to puttogether specialists and researchers from distinct study areas relatedto Tropical Medicine, including ecologists, sanitary engineers, sociologists,entomologists, physicians, pathologists, immunologists and the ones workingwith molecular biology. Such multidisciplinary aspects of the SBMT andof its congresses have make possible a deep discussion of themes relatedto the control and new therapeutical approaches of the main Brazilianendemic diseases. In recent years, these forums have promoted an effectiveimpact on the quality of life and on medical assistance which is providedto the exposed populations and risk groups.

In 1967, SBMT published the first issue of the Journal of the BrazilianSociety of Tropical Medicine, planned to be bimonthly. In 1983, the journalbecame quarterly. But since 1996, it has been published bimonthly.


Changes in the boards of the Journal of the Brazilian Society of Tropical Medicine - new index databases

The Journal of the Brazilian Society of Tropical Medicine is providingchanges in order to achieve more visibility and increase the impact factor.Among the measures adopted, we revised and added new members to the Advisoryand the Editorial Boards. The Advisory in Quantitative Methods Board wascreated. We have also fulfilled the requirements to add our scientificjournal to new indexes databases.


Past issues

The entire collection including PAST ISSUES 1967-1996 are now available in PDF format for open access at:


New workflow

The workflow of the Journal of the Brazilian Society of Tropical Medicinesubmission process (Journal´s review policy) is available at theSciELO ( at the Brazilian Society of Tropical Medicine Home Page (


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