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Scope and policy

Revista Sociedade & Estado publishes original articles on issues central to sociology and related areas, which aim at contributing to the theoretical, methodological and empirical enhancement of the scholarly production. Articles may be submitted in Portuguese, Spanish and English, though editorial efforts will be taken to translate the original manuscripts into Portuguese. In all cases, S&E accepts only articles that have not been previously published in Brazil. Themes contemplated in the journal include:

1. Theoretical and methodological investigations: analytical contributions as well as conceptually-oriented essays that aim at enhancing the current knowledge on existing theoretical models and/or that advance new hypotheses for future formulations;

2. Technical remarks: reports and descriptions of methodological tools and original research techniques;  

3. Research reports of empirically-oriented investigations, either concluded or in progress;

4. Special thematic issues edited by at least one faculty member of the Sociology Department of the University of Brasilia or by a researcher affiliated to the Graduate Program in Sociology of the University of Brasilia. Non-affiliated researchers/professionals may participate in the organization of the special issue only if invited by the acting-editor of the special issue;

5. Book reviews.


Manuscript preparation


1. In case of co-authored manuscripts, at least one of the authors must hold a PhD degree. Other situations will be considered by the editorial board on a case-by case basis.

2. Manuscripts will be initially evaluated by the editorial board for suitability to the aims, scope and norms of S&E. The journal uses the double blind review system, in which case two experts on the themes and issues contemplated in the submitted article are selected by the editorial board to evaluate the manuscript;

3. Authors will be notified about the results of the evaluation; 

4. After informed by the editorial board, authors will have one month to make the changes demanded by reviewers;

5. Supplementary items will not be accepted if added after the manuscript is sent to reviewers


1. All manuscripts must be submitted as a Word document (Times New Roman, size 12 font), not exceeding 30 double-spaced pages in length, and numbered consecutively in Arabic numbers;

2. The title of the article as well as the full names of the authors (along with their institutional affiliation, e-mails and recent publications) must appear on the first page of the manuscript;

3. Manuscripts must contain a concise and clear abstract, not exceeding 150 words, summarizing the objectives, methods and main findings of the article. In addition to that, five keywords (both in Portuguese and in English) and the title of the article written in English must also be included in the manuscript;

4. Footnotes must only bring substantive information and shall not exceed eight lines in length;

5. Citations of authors in the text must be as follows: (Author, year: page)

6. Quotation marks must be included when directly quoting from a work; if direct quotations are longer than three lines they must appear on a new paragraph, font 10, indented from the left margin. Citations must be translated into the language of the article;

7. Figures and illustrations must be uploaded and submitted as separated files with information about the format in which they were elaborated;

8. Tables and graphs must also be submitted separately (in Excel or Word) and numbered according to their order of appearance in the text;

9. The full list of bibliographical references will be presented at the end of the article in alphabetical order according to the following format:


VOVELLE, Michel. Ideologias e Mentalidades. São Paulo: Brasiliense, 1987.


ROUANET, Bárbara Freitag . "Urbanização no Portugal de hoje: o caso de Lisboa". Sociedade & Estado Vol. XIII, VI, n. 1, 1998, p.160-187.

Texts in collections:

OLIVEIRA, Lúcia Lippi. "A Institucionalização do Ensino de Ciências Sociais", in H. Bomeny e P. Birman (orgs.), As Assim Chamadas Ciências Sociais:Formação do Cientista Social no Brasil. Rio de Janeiro: Uerj/Relume Dumará, 1990.

Theses and dissertations:

SANTOS, Mariza Veloso Motta. Patrimônio Histórico e Artístico Nacional: O mapeamento de uma formação discursiva. Tese de Doutorado, Universidade de Brasília, 1991.


10. Book reviews must not exceed eight pages and have to be accompanied by a title as well as by the full reference of the book reviewed. S&E accepts only reviews of books published in the previous five years.

11. Authors are fully responsible for the content and opinions expressed in their texts, which do not reflect the opinions of S&E and its editorial boards.


Sending of manuscripts

The articles should be submitted through the

Sociedade & Estado charges no fees (APC - Article Processing Charge) for submission, assessment or publication of the articles in this journal.


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