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Scope and policy

The objective of the review Sociedade e Estado is to published original works related to Social Sciences that fits in the following categories:

a) Theoretical Studies: theoretical analysis and debates that can contribute to the comprehension of the on going models and can permit to elaborate new hypothesis to future researches;
b) Critical Reviews of literature related to issues of interest to the development of Social Sciences;
c) Research Reports: researches based on empirical data that use scientific methodology;
d) Technical Reports: reports and descriptions of original tools and techniques of research;
e) Conferences, Congresses and Symposiums annals;
f) Reviews;
g) Notices.


Manuscript preparation


  1. The works will be appreciate to the editorial committee that will deploy at least two specialist on the theme to provide a analysis of the article;
  2. The authors will be notified on the acceptation or the refuse of theirs articles;
  3. Eventual modifications of structure and/or content that should be done will be informed to the author that will provide them in a maximum period of a month.
  4. Additions and modifications after the texts were sent to publish are not allowed.


  1. Manuscripts must be typewritten in Word (TIMES NEW ROMAN, size 12) with a maximum length of 30 pages, double-spaced and numbered.
  2. The first page of the original work must include the title of the article (and subtitle, if any) and the name(s) of author(s). It must also provide further information about the author (professional background, academic situation and current position, e-mail);
  3. Manuscripts must be accompanied by an abstract (both in Portuguese and in English) summarizing the goal(s), method(s) and main conclusions. It must also provide five keywords both in Portuguese and in English;
  4. Reviews must not exceed 8 pages, double-spaced.
  5. Footnotes, containing only substantive information (not bibliographical ones), must be included at the end of the document. References to authors must adopt the following form: author, date, page;
  6. Graphs, maps, tables and drawings must be electronically made and sent as separate files, indicating the software used for preparation;
  7. Tables and graphs must be both numbered (following the order they are mentioned in the manuscript) and prepared in Excel or Word. They must be sent as a separate file;
  8. All references must be listed in alphabetical order at the end of the manuscripts, according to usual norms. Examples:
  9. Books:

    VOVELLE, Michel. Ideologias e Mentalidades. São Paulo: Brasiliense, 1987.


    ROUANET, Bárbara Freitag . "Urbanização no Portugal de hoje: o caso de Lisboa". Sociedade & Estado Vol. XIII, VI, n. 1, 1998, p.160-187.

    Texts in collections:

    OLIVEIRA, Lúcia Lippi. "A Institucionalização do Ensino de Ciências Sociais", in H. Bomeny e P. Birman (orgs.), As Assim Chamadas Ciências Sociais:Formação do Cientista Social no Brasil. Rio de Janeiro: Uerj/Relume Dumará, 1990.

    Theses and dissertations:

    SANTOS, Mariza Veloso Motta. Patrimônio Histórico e Artístico Nacional: O mapeamento de uma formação discursiva. Tese de Doutorado, Universidade de Brasília, 1991.

  • The responsibility of the material published by the review is to the author.
  • Each author will receive three examples of the issue in which his/her article was published.


Sending of manuscripts

The articles should be submitted through the

Sociedade & Estado charges no fees (APC - Article Processing Charge) for submission, assessment or publication of the articles in this journal.


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