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Sociologias is a triannual journal published by the Graduate Program in Sociology (PPG/Sociologia) at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS). The journal aims to promote the dialogue between Brazilian and foreign social scientists.
The journal was a biannual publication until 2009.

The abbreviated title of the journal is Sociologias, which should be used in bibliographies, footnotes and bibliographical references and subtitles.


Basic Information

Sociologias is a journal with a pluralistic perspective that seeks to expand the spaces for expression of the different strands of thought in Social Sciences, and to promote debate on the topics and approaches that constitute Sociology. The journal also welcomes contributions from other areas of knowledge that present significant interfaces with sociology.

Its editorial project includes two main sections: a thematic dossier specific for each issue, and a varied section that includes papers reporting empirical researches, papers presenting new theoretical-methodological approaches, critical book reviews, research notes, and interviews.

The journal is open to contributions from all countries and its Editorial Board includes scholars from diverse countries and diverse Brazilian regions.

Sociologias emerged from the perception of the growing relevance of means to disseminate the academic knowledge both for circulate ideas and research findings within the scientific community and for informing the society, by establishing communication channels.

Published in the southernmost Brazilian state, Rio Grande do Sul, in South America’s Southern Cone, within a world increasingly interconnected through the new information and communication technologies, Sociologias stems from a double imperative: on the one hand to disseminate research findings and promote debate amongst the scientific community in the field of social sciences; and, on the other hand, to make it in accordance with the requirements of a social and scientific context that imposes new criteria for publishing quality, graphical presentation, and distribution.

Sociologias was created to replace Cadernos de Sociologia, journal that for 10 years had been publishing the work of professors and researchers in the field of social sciences at UFRGS. However, Cadernos was outdated as to the requirements of the social and scientific context, both in relation to academic and funding agencies criteria, and regarding technical issues and graphical presentation. Thus, the journal underwent a new graphic design and editorial project aimed to meet the current requirements in the field.


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Intellectual property

All content of the journal, except where identified, is licensed under a Creative Commons attribution-type BY.

Sociologias adopted, until Dec/2015, the Creative Commons license attribution-type BY-NC. Since Jan,2016, the valid license is the attribution-type BY.



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