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Note to collaborators

The authors bear total responsibility for the articles. Total or partial reproduction of articles is allowed, provided the source is mentioned.

The journal requests articles by invitation and it also accepts submissions. All texts submitted are referred to the Editorial Board and assessed by its members, who decide about publication.

The writing sector might contact the author(s) for possible questions and/or any alterations in the original work, in order to maintain homogeneous and good quality publications, respecting their style, opinions or conclusions.

The authors may send their work by the Internet, using the e-mail Otherwise, send a hardcopy and a diskette with the file to Fundação Seade.


Editorial rules

1. The article should be typed in Word (TIMES NEW ROMAN, size 12) with a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 25 pages, double-spaced and consecutively numbered.

2. On the first page of the original work, include the title of the article (and subtitle, if any), name(s) of author(s) with a short résumé (indicate professional background, academic situation and current position) and e-mail (optional).

3. Provide an abstract of the article (five lines, at most) and three keywords.

4. In case of divisions in the text, it is recommended to have a maximum of three divisional title levels, arranged as follows:
FIRST DIVISIONAL TITLE = Upper case (in bold)
Second Divisional Title = Upper and lower case (in bold)
Third Divisional Title = Upper and lower case (in italic)

5. Figures, drawings or graphs should be electronically made and sent as separate files, indicating the software used for preparation.

6. Tables and/or graphs should be always numbered (and follow the order they are mentioned in the text) and prepared in Excel or Word. If possible, they should be sent in a separate file and not stuck as figures; there should be only indications of insertion in the text.

7. The notes should be sequentially numbered in Arabic numerals and inserted as footnotes.

8. Citations within the text should be as follows: (Author's surname, date) or (Author's surname, date: page). For example, (Adorno, 1968) or (Adorno, 1968:61). Different titles of the same author published in the same year should be identified by a letter after the date. For example, (Ianni, 1987a), (Ianni, 1987b).

9. The references should be listed in alphabetical order, in the end of the text, and comply with the international format standards (ABNT - NBR 6023), as shown in the following examples:

a) Books
HOLANDA, S.B. Caminhos e fronteiras. 3. ed. São Paulo: Companhia das Letras, 1994.

b) Collection
TELLES, V.S. Sociedade civil e a construção de espaços públicos. In: DAGNINO, E. (org.). Anos 90 - política e sociedade no Brasil. São Paulo: Brasiliense, 1994, p.30-45.

c) Articles
FERNANDES, F. Dilemas do Nordeste. São Paulo em Perspectiva. São Paulo: Fundação SEADE, v.7, n.2, abr./jun. 1993, p.14-21.

d) Academic thesis
SOUZA, P.R. de. A determinação dos salários e do emprego nas economias atrasadas. Tese de Doutorado. Campinas: Instituto de Filosofia e Ciências Humanas da Unicamp, 1980.

e) Article in electronic media
SÃO PAULO (Estado). Secretaria do Meio Ambiente. Tratados e organizações ambientais em matéria de meio ambiente. In: __________. Entendendo o meio ambiente. São Paulo: 1999. V.1. Disponível em: < atual.htm>. Acesso em: 08 mar. 1999.


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