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Chronicle: Social Service is a profession regulated by law and an area of scientific knowledge that has been developing in Brazil for more than seventy years. In our country there are more than 85 thousand social workers graduated and registered in their Regional Committees of Professional Inspection. In relation to the number of professionals, in Brazil we have the second biggest set of social workers in the world, the USA having the first one.

According to Yazbek, Martinelli and Raichelis (2008), "the critical production about the profession is concentrated in Brazil, and it has to be considered that all the doctoral courses are in Brazilian universities, being such courses responsible for the qualification of the first masters and doctors in the area in Latin American and European countries".

In the past three decades, the area has presented a great development in its academic production, and such production, besides having contributed to develop new and improved professional interventions in the several fields of the social policies, has achieved the writing of hundreds of books, articles, reviews, and communication of researches.

Thus, the Brazilian Social Service was enriched when it changed from a discipline almost entirely devoted to intervention to a vigorous area of production of knowledge of the social reality, which decisively contributed to the creation of postgraduation courses that gave a new influx to the research and the production of bibliography of the area.

Since its creation, in September 1979, the journal Serviço Social & Sociedade has had an editorial politics directed to giving voice to the valuable academic and professional production of social workers and related professionals, as well as it has also shown the socialpolitical development of the Social Service and the thinking of its representative bodies.

The periodical was created at the end of the military government, when several social and popular movements were questioning the authoritarian State and were demanding democratic liberties. This was the same period when there was large unions' mobilization leading to the big strikes at ABC and to the creation of Partido dos Trabalhadores and CUT.

Those were the circumstances that marked the process of rearticulation of the politicalprofessional forces in the Brazilian society and in the Social Services, which promoted diversification and democratization in the ways social workers expressed themselves and researched. In this sense, the creation of the journal Serviço Social & Sociedade was contemporary with the significant renewal of the Social Service, and it keeps on contributing to the academic and professional development of this area of knowledge and intervention in the reality, as well as the development of related areas.

It is the first journal of Social Services to have a national circulation, and it is one of the most important periodicals of reference for professors and university students, researchers and professionals who try to keep up with the debate about the important national and international issues that reflect on the Social Services and the Social and Human Sciences.

According to researcher Maria Ozanira da Silva e Silva, "it is the only Latin American periodical that has got to number 100 with a regular flow of publication for thirty years". The same researcher emphasizes the "recent classification in the A1 Stratum in the Capes / MEC's Qualis System Periodicals" (SILVA E SILVA, 2009, p. 601).

Aims: To make the academic and professional production by social workers and related researchers known, as well as contributing to the debate and critical and analytical deepening of the social theory, with emphasis on themes related to the Brazilian and Latin American reality.

Areas of interest: Applied Social Sciences, Human Sciences, Social Services, Ethics, Political Science, Public Policies, Health.

Additional information: The graphic and editorial project of the journal has been reformulated every 50 issues since its creation in order to modernize and improve its visual quality, so that the journal becomes more and more attractive and easier to handle. The last reformulation happened in number 100, September / December 2009. Besides that, in the special issues published to mark each decade of existence, Serviço Social & Sociedade has invited researchers and professionals to debate a theme of interest to the area, and that debate is ultimately revised and edited to be published in its pages, which has been very well received by the public of the journal. In Issue 100 there was an even further innovation, because two DVDs with the whole reproduction of the debate promoted by the journal to celebrate its thirty years of existence were added to the issue.

Frequency: Quarterly

Its abbreviated title is Serv. Soc. Soc., which should be used in bibliographies, footnotes and bibliographical references and legends.


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