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Guidance for sending and submitting articles

The quarterly journal Serviço Social & Sociedade has been published by Cortez Editora since 1979, and it is a space to express and discuss issues related to Social Work, social workers, social theory and themes about the Brazilian reality and the world one.

The structure of the Journal is open, which enables the presentation of articles resulting from research projects, experience reports as well as interviews, reviews, communications etc.

Cortez Editora will not publish articles violating the professional ethics, with prejudiced words or ideas, or having points of view incompatible with the Editorial Board or the Publishing House´s work philosophy.


Form and preparation of the manuscripts

System, Submission, which uses the Open Journal System as electronic management support and publication of scientific journals. Thus, the entire process of capturing and arbitration of articles necessarily goes through this electronic platform. Each author must register on Submission system and submit their work to the Editorial Committee, and may also accompany the process of evaluating your text from your login and password. Access to the registration system can be done from the following link:

After registration with login and password, the author will be able to submit your article to evaluate the editorial board.

The text received only through Scielo platform, is designed for evaluation of specialized reviewers ad hoc. These forward their opinions / reviews for an Editorial Committee designated in advance for each specific issue of the Journal, who evaluates each opinion and defines what items make up this number. This decision takes place in quarterly meeting of the Editorial Board.

From January 2016, the journal Social Work & Society operates solely by Scielo Publishing.

There is no fee for submission and review articles.


Conditions for submission

When submitting a paper to the journal, authors should read, accept and mark as held each condition for submission. The list of conditions is also presented in Guidelines for authors on page About journal. All items require the marking of authors to proceed with the submission, which are:

1.The author’s name are omitted throughout the text (requirement for double-blind analysis);

2. The articles sent to the Journal must be unpublished, and it is up to the Editorial Board to evaluate the exceptions;

3. The submission file is in Microsoft Word format. As to the title of the article, is must be as short as possible, with a maximum of 100 characters with spaces;

4. The abstracts must be with a maximum of 500 characters and keywords (3-6) in Portuguese and English language;

5. It cannot exceed 40,000 characters with space. Such dimensions include the bibliography;

6. The article should be written in Times or Arial 12 font, and 1.5 spacing. If there are notes, they should be written in Times or Arial 10 font.;

7.Article has no more than 3 authors;

8. The bibliography must be in alphabetical order at the end of the article. It must contain just the names of the works referred to throughout the text. It must follow the rules of Associação Brasileira de Normas Técnicas (ABNT – Brazilian Association of Technical Standards). In case of doubts, please refer to NBR 6023, from August, 2002;

9. The titles of the articles must be referred to in full. The authors must ensure the references in the text are put in the bibliography, with the correct date of publication, as well as the correct spelling of the author´s (authors´) names;

10. In that eventually present illustrations (graphics, photos, drawings etc.) must be numbered with Arabic numerals in sequence, and they must be referred to as Figures. They must be clear enough (high definition) so as to be reproduced with quality in the printing process. The approximate place in the text where each one of the illustrations should be inserted must be indicated. All illustrations will be reproduced in black and white;

11. The author should declare that you are aware that in the event of product approval, will have up to 3 days to answer questions, from the date of sending the message requesting the intervention of the author. In the period of non-compliance case, the article will not be published;

12.The author should declare that you are aware that in the event of product approval, will have up to 3 days to answer questions, from the date of sending the message requesting the intervention of the author. In the period of non-compliance case, the article will not be published;

13.He should declare also that it is aware that failure to comply with any of the above may result in the exclusion of submission



1.Sending the originals to the Journal implies that its publication is authorized.

2. The copyright of the articles published belongs to their authors, and the copyright of each edition belongs to Cortez Editora. Therefore, if the authors want to republish the
articles in compilations or other periodicals, they are asked to simply mention the first publication in Revista Serviço Social & Sociedade.

3. The authors whose articles were published will be entitled to two copies under copyright, if the article was written by just one author. If there are two or three authors, each one of them is entitled to receive one copy.

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