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Scope and Policy

The Journal Trans/Form/Ação publishes articles in the field of philosophy. Proposals are blind-examined by two anonymous referees. All the articles published are peer-reviewed by referees of academic titulation equal to or higher than that of the author, except when the editor invites a thinker of notorious knowledge in Philosophy to contribute with an essay. The journal is directed primarily to academic research in Philosophy but also aims at the learned and interested layman, thus allowing the researchers that propose the articles to reach a universal criterion of clarity.

Also, the goal of the journal is to maintain its ranking as a high-standard publication, as attested by the Qualis score issued by Capes (Classification of Periodicals, Annals, Journals and Magazines of Capes, Coordination for Higher Level Graduates Improvement, a Foundation within the Brazilian Ministry of Education); therefore, Capes requirements will also be followed. This poses the need to establish a regional proportionality in the publication of articles from 2006 onwards, always preserving the quality of the submissions: a desirable maximum of 10% articles from Unesp, a maximum of 60% articles from São Paulo (including Unesp), and a minimum of 1 article from abroad. Exceptions may take place depending on the editor's decisions.
The mission of the Consulting Commission is to advise the Editorial Commission, that is, to express its view on submitted articles, refer articles from third parties, issue opinions, and present articles for publication (which may be forwarded to referees).


Form and preparation

Submission Guidelines

The journal TRANS/FORM/AÇÃO publishes original articles in the form of regular papers, interviews, translations of classical texts and reviews of books published less than two years. 

Theme: The themes dealt with must pertain to the field of philosophy or present a philosophical approach. They may derive from research work or be informative in nature.  Reviews from Referees: Modifications and/or corrections suggested by the referees regarding the manuscript (clarity of the text or grammar) or the content of its contributions shall be forwarded to the respective authors, who will be allowed a short stated time period to make the proposed modifications. 

General information

Works submitted for publication must be sent as Word (.doc) or RTF (.rtf) files. Papers are accepted in Portuguese, Spanish, French, English or Italian. The text must be in font Times New Roman 12-points size, with 1.5 spacing, and average length of 18 pages.

The following sequence should be observed: Title, name and academic affiliation of authors (Department, Institute or Faculty, University and, optionally, electronic address), abstract (maximum of 200 words), keywords (maximum of seven terms), main text, acknowledgements (whenever desired), abstract translated into English, keywords translated into English, and bibliography (reference papers cited in the main text and, optionally, backing references, i.e., works consulted or recommended but not quoted in the main text)

The abstract and keywords, which come before the main text, must be in the original language. They are also to be translated into English and included after the main text, or presented in Portuguese after the main text when the original manuscript is submitted in English. Remarks should be included in footnotes and the bibliographical references (Bibliography) at the end of the main text.

The manuscripts without the name(s) of the writer(s) will be evaluated by a peer of titulation equal to or higher than that of the author. The evaluator may or may not be a referee.

The writer who publish paper at Trans/Form/Ação must wait four numbers (two years) to submit another appreciation to this journal.

Manuscript Preparation

References must be listed in alphabetical order of the first author's last name and follow the ABNT guidelines.

The titles of periodicals must be written in full.

= Books and other monographs

CHAUI, Marilena. A nervura do real. São Paulo: Companhia das Letras, 1999.

= Book chapters

MOURA, Carlos A.R. de. Hobbes, Locke e a medida do direito. Racionalidade e crise. São Paulo: Discurso Editorial, 2001. p. 43-61.

= Dissertations and theses

FORTES, Luiz R.S. Rousseau da teoria à prática, 1973. 157 f. Thesis (Doctorate in Philosophy) – Faculty of Philosophy, Literature and Human Sciences, University of São Paulo , São Paulo, 1973.

= Articles from journals

LEBRUN, G. La spéculation travestie. Trans/Form/Ação, Assis, v. 1, p. 49-70, 1974.

Citations in text:
In an indirect citation, the author must be quoted in parentheses by surname and separated from the year of publication by a coma; an additional coma is to be used before the page number preceded by p. (e.g. Moura, 2001, p.55). Whenever the page number is irrelevant it should be excluded (e.g. Souza, 2002).
In a direct citation, only the year is placed in parentheses: “Moura (2001) points out...”. Several works of the same author in the same year are to be differentiated by small letters added after the year without spacing (Márques, 2003a), (Márques, 2003b). In works with two authors, both names are cited separated by a semi-colon (Broens; Gonzáles, 2005) In the case of three or more authors, the form et al. is used after the first author’s name (Haselager et al., 1999).

Notes : must be reduced to a minimum and placed in footnotes. Footnote cross-references should be designated with consecutive numbers in the upper line spacing.

Annexes and/or supplements: should be included only when vital for the understanding of the text.


The data and concepts presented in the works as well as the preciseness of bibliographical citations are the entire responsibility of the authors. 

Manuscripts that do not conform to the aforesaid guidelines will be returned to the authors with comments on the alterations needed.


Remitting the manuscripts

The proposals of articles and essays for publication must obey the Guidelines for Presentation of Originals and be sent, together with an official letter from the author containing pertinent information (Institution, address, telefone, e-mail), to the Editorial Commission, requesting evaluation for publication in the Journal Trans/Form/Ação. Manuscripts may be submitted by e-mail, or by post provided a pen driver containing an electronic version of the paper (Word or RTF format) is included.
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