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The principal aim of the Brazilian Anthropological Association’s Vibrant : Virtual Brazilian Anthropology is to disseminate Brazilian anthropology by publishing articles in English, French and Spanish authored by anthropologists working or studying in Brazilian institutions.  The journal welcomes texts and audio-visual materials on any subject within the field of anthropology, but in order to cover the many areas of interest that characterize Brazilian anthropology it publishes thematic dossiers organized by guest editors, who may also incorporate translations of important related articles published originally in Portuguese.  To encourage even greater inter-action between Brazilian anthropology and other anthropologies, anthropologists from outside Brazil are encouraged to submit critical reviews of recently published books in Brazil.

The periodical was launched in 2004 and is published every six months at the end of June and December.

Its abbreviated title is Vibrant, Virtual Braz. Anthr., which should be used in bibliographies, footnotes and bibliographical references and strips.


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