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Since 2004 Varia Historia has been distributde in some of the bookstores in Belo Horizonte. The journal Varia Historia may be acquired by subscription or as single issues.

See instructions at:

Bank deposit:

Deposits must be made in:

Banco: Banco do Brasil
Agência: 1615-2
Conta: 480109-1
Código Identificador: 5305/01-2

To: Fundação de Desenvolvimento da Pesquisa

After making the deposit, please fax a copy of the receipt to (31) 3499-5045, on behalf of revista Varia Historia, along with the form properly filled out. Should any doubts arise, please contact us immediately.

Please, make checks payable to Fundação de Desenvolvimento de Pesquisa. Deadline for journal delivery is about two or three weeks after payment.

Total amount paid should include fee for the shipping service chosen. International shipping prices should be calculated based on the day's dollar exchange rate.

Annual subscription:

An annual subscription costs R$ 30,00 and entitles the subscriber to two issues a year.

Single issues:

Single issues, number 3 to 25, cost R$ 10,00. Subsequent issues cost R$ 15,00. Before placing your order, please check the list of sold-out items.

The journal Varia Historia is donated to various research centers, universities, centers for the study of Brazil and Latin America abroad, and similar institutions. Exchange offers are welcome, since they partly solve problems involving financial resources for subscription of periodicals at our university. The issues received are made available at the Fafich/UFMG library.


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