Scielo RSS <![CDATA[Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz]]> vol. 30 num. 1 lang. pt <![CDATA[SciELO Logo]]> <![CDATA[Ensaios de Mycologia]]> <![CDATA[Revisão do genero Haemonchus Cobb, 1898: (Nematoda: Trichostrongylidae)]]> <![CDATA[Ascaridiose hepatica]]> The author describes a case of liver ascaridiasis in a girl, 1 year old, who also presented intestinal parasitism by 54 adult specimens pf Ascaris lumbricoides. The hepatic lesions consisted in several abscesses containing living adult worms along with dead specimens and in the formation of an inflammatory condition with pronounced production of fibrous connective tissue and lymphocytic infiltration. Special attention is attracted by the fact of the existence of numerous eggs of Ascaris lumbricoides in the innermost of the inflammatory tissue. The inflammatory foci met with are closely connected with the biliary ducts; the presence of eggs of Ascaris lumbricoides is found even within the epithelium. Apart from the zones affected by the process of ascaridiasis, the hepatic tissue is seen to be well preserved.