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Química Nova
On-line version ISSN 1678-7064


Table of contents
Quím. Nova vol.21 no.1 São Paulo Jan./Feb. 1998

 ·  Surface defects on 2H-WS2 detected by scanning tunnelling microscopy
Wypych, F.; Weber, Th.; Prins, R.

 ·  Magnetic field effect on paraffin deposition
Rocha, Nelson de Oliveira; González, Gaspar; Vaitsman, Delmo Santiago

 ·  Piqui (Caryocar brasiliense Camb) oil triglyceride composition modification by enzymatic way
Facioli, Nara Lúcia; Gonçalves, Lireny A.G.

 ·  Electrolysis of polluting wastes: I - Wastewater from a seasoning freeze-drying industry
Angelis, Dejanira F. de; Corso, Carlos R.; Bidoia, Ederio D.; Moraes, Peterson B.; Domingos, Roberto N.; Rocha-Filho, Romeu C.

 ·  Modeling of the chemical processes in the plasma of gaseous mixtures used in the etching of silicon. Part 1: CF4/O2
Bauerfeldt, G. F.; Arbilla, G.

 ·  Modeling of the chemical processes in the plasma of gaseous mixtures used in the etching of silicon. Part 2: SF6 / O2
Bauerfeldt, G. F.; Arbilla, G.

 ·  Electronic excitation of the methyl methacrylate and styrene molecules in the vuv range
Rocco, M. L. M.; Souza, G. G. B. de; Lopes, M. C. A.; Lucas, C. A.

 ·  Spectrophotometric determination of ascorbic acid in drugs employing binary sampling in flow system
Paim, Ana Paula S.; Kronka, Eloisa Ap. M.; Reis, Boaventura F.; Korn, Mauro

 ·  A methodology for the theoretical design of light conversion molecular devices
Andrade, Antônio V. M. de; Costa Jr., Nivan B. da; Simas, Alfredo M.; Longo, Ricardo L.; Malta, Oscar L.; Sá, Gilberto F. de

 ·  Liquid-liquid extraction in flow systems
Facchin, Ileana; Pasquini, Celio

 ·  Heterogeneous photocatalysis and its environmental applications
Nogueira, Raquel F. P.; Jardim, Wilson F.

 ·  The contamination of the oceans by anthropogenic radionuclides
Figueira, Rubens C. L.; Cunha, Ieda I. L.

 ·  Ultramicroelectrodes. Part II: construction and applications
Silva, S. M.; Alves, C. R.; Correia, A. N.; Martins, R. M.; Nobre, A. L. R.; Machado, S. A. S.; Mazo, L. H.; Avaca, L. A.

 ·  Catalytic antibodies: expanding the scope of enzymatic catalysis
Justo, Giselle Zenker

 ·  Estrategies for obtaining pharmacologically active compounds from medicinal plants: concepts about structural modification for improve the activity
Cechinel Filho, Valdir; Yunes, Rosendo A.

 Nota técnica
 ·  Polymeric sample holders for infrared spectroscopy of aqueous or organic liquid systems
Wassermann, Adriana I.; Gorga, Carlos J. P.; Baumhardt-Neto, Ricardo

 ·  Modification of a glass micro-extractor aiming to enrichmentt of traces of water contaminating organochlorinated pesticides and their quantitative gas chromatographic analysis
Rocha, Eduardo Carasek da; Pini, Glaucia Falleiros; Augusto, Fabio; Valente, Antonio Luiz Pires

 ·  Simulation of Solvay process in the laboratory
Araújo, Adriano L. de; Neves, Carlos A.; Ferreira, Ana Maria C.; Koiti, Araki