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Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society
On-line version ISSN 1678-4790


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J. Braz. Chem. Soc. vol.19 no.5 São Paulo  2008

Editorial: the post-graduate level, CAPES, and high school science teaching in Brazil
Pinto, Angelo C.

 ·  A concise enantioselective synthesis of (+)-endo-brevicomin accomplished by a tellurium/metal exchange reaction
Ferrarini, Renan S.; Princival, Jefferson L.; Comasseto, João V.; Dos Santos, Alcindo A.

 ·  Catalytic enantioselective arylations: boron to zinc exchange as a powerful tool for the generation of transferable aryl groups
Paixão, Márcio W.; Braga, Antonio L.; Lüdtke, Diogo S.

 ·  Hydroxylation of a hederagenin derived saponin by a Xylareaceous fungus found in fruits of Sapindus saponaria
Murgu, Michael; Santos, Luiz F. Arruda; Souza, Gezimar D. de; Daolio, Cristina; Schneider, Bernd; Ferreira, Antônio Gilberto; Rodrigues-Filho, Edson

 ·  Determination of paracetamol at a graphite-polyurethane composite electrode as an amperometric flow detector
Cervini, Priscila; Cavalheiro, Éder Tadeu Gomes

 ·  Infraspecific variability in the essential oil composition of Lychnophora ericoides
Lyra, Cynthia C. G. V.; Vieira, Roberto F.; Oliveira, Carolina B. A. de; Santos, Suzana C.; Seraphin, José C.; Ferri, Pedro H.

 ·  Characterization of carbon nanotubes-gold nanoparticles composite film modified electrode and voltammetric determination of mefenamic acid
Yu, Jingjing; Li, Jiangwen; Zhao, Faqiong; Zeng, Baizhao

 ·  Determination of Na and K in biodiesel by flame atomic emission spectrometry and microemulsion sample preparation
Chaves, Eduardo Sidinei; Saint' Pierre, Tatiana Dillenburg; dos Santos, Eder José; Tormen, Luciano; Bascuñan, Vera Lúcia Azzolin Frescura; Curtius, Adilson José

 ·  Zeolite activation of organometallics: revisiting substitution kinetics of [Mo(CO)6] with chemisorbed PMe3 in dehydrated Na56Y zeolite
Fernandez, Anthony L.; Hao, Jianbin; Parkes, Roberta L.; Poë, Anthony J.; Vichi, Eduardo J. S.

 ·  Photoluminescence, photoabsorption and photoemission studies of hydrazone thin film used as hole transporting material in OLEDs
Quirino, W. G.; Legnani, C.; Cremona, M.; Reyes, R.; Mota, G. V.; Weibel, D. E.; Rocco, M. L. M.

 ·  Indium(III)-catalyzed synthesis of N-substituted pyrroles under solvent-free conditions
Chen, Jiu-Xi; Liu, Miao-Chang; Yang, Xiao-Liang; Ding, Jin-Chang; Wu, Hua-Yue

 ·  Structural and energetic analysis of copper clusters: MD study of Cun (n = 2-45)
Böyükata, Mustafa; Belchior, Jadson C.

 ·  Michael additions of thiocompounds to α, β-unsaturated carbonyl compounds in aqueous media: stereoselectivity with unambiguous characterization by NMR
Almeida, Queli Aparecida Rodrigues de; Pereira, Maria Luiza de Oliveira; Coelho, Ricardo Bezerra; Carvalho, Erika Martins de; Kaiser, Carlos Roland; Jones Junior, Joel; Silva, Flavia Martins da

 ·  HPLC microfractionation of flavones and antioxidant (radical scavenging) activity of Saccharum officinarum L.
Vila, Fabiana C.; Colombo, Renata; Lira, Tatiana O. de; Yariwake, Janete H.

 ·  The use of benzil to obtain functionalized N-heterocycles
Braibante, Mara E. F.; Braibante, Hugo T. S.; Uliana, Marciana P.; Costa, Carla C.; Spenazzatto, Marcelo

 ·  Effect of preparation conditions on morphology, drug content and release profiles of poly(hydroxybutyrate) microparticles containing piroxicam
Bazzo, G. C.; Lemos-Senna, E.; Gonçalves, M. C.; Pires, A. T. N.

 ·  Solid-phase microextraction for determination of 3-chloro-4-(dichloromethyl)-5-hydroxy-2[5H]-furanone in water
Rezemini, Andrea L.; Vaz, Jorge M.; Carvalho, Lilian R. F.

 ·  A novel approach to cold vapor generation for the determination of mercury in biological samples
Santos, Eder José dos; Herrmann, Amanda Beatriz; Frescura, Vera Lúcia Azzolin; Sturgeon, Ralph Edward; Curtius, Adilson José

 ·  Mineral composition of wheat flour consumed in Brazilian cities
Araujo, Rennan G. O.; Macedo, Samuel M.; Korn, Maria das Graças A.; Pimentel, Maria Fernanda; Bruns, Roy E.; Ferreira, Sergio L. C.

 ·  Methylene blue immobilized on cellulose acetate with titanium dioxide: an application as sensor for ascorbic acid
Hoffmann, Andrea A.; Dias, Silvio L. P.; Rodrigues, Jordana R.; Pavan, Flavio A.; Benvenutti, Edilson V.; Lima, Eder C.

 ·  Chloroform formation by chlorination of aqueous algae suspensions: online monitoring via membrane introduction mass spectrometry
Borges, João T.; Sparrapan, Regina; Guimarães, José R.; Eberlin, Marcos N.; Augusti, Rodinei

 ·  Stripping voltammetric determination of copper (II) on an overoxidized polypyrrole functionalized with Nitroso-R
Mohadesi, Alireza; Salmanipour, Ashraf; Mohammadi, Sayed Ziae; Pourhatami, Ali; Taher, Mohammad Ali

 ·  Synthesis, characterization and biological activity of 2-methyl-3-aminoquinazolin-4(3H)-ones Schiff bases
Sahu, S. K.; Azam, Md. Afzal; Banerjee, M.; Acharrya, S.; Behera, C. C.; Si, S.

 ·  A validated method to quantify folic acid in wheat flour samples using liquid chromatography: tandem mass spectrometry
Martins-Júnior, Helio A.; Wang, Alexandre Y.; Alabourda, Janete; Pires, Maria A. F.; Vega, Oscar B.; Lebre, Daniel T.

 ·  Trace element distributions in biodegraded crude oils and fractions from the Potiguar Basin, Brazil
Duyck, Christiane; Miekeley, Norbert; Fonseca, Teresa C. O.; Szatmari, Peter; Santos Neto, Eugênio Vaz dos

 ·  Study of the degradation of the herbicide clomazone in distilled and in irrigated rice field waters using HPLC-DAD and GC-MS
Zanella, Renato; Primel, Ednei G.; Gonçalves, Fábio F.; Martins, Manoel L.; Adaime, Martha B.; Marchesan, Enio; Machado, Sérgio L. O.

 ·  Copper adsorption as a function of solution parameters of variable charge soils
Mouta, Ernesto R.; Soares, Marcio R.; Casagrande, José C.

 ·  Electrochemical study of β-Cyclodextrin binding with ferrocene tethered onto a gold surface via PAMAM dendrimers
Bustos, E.; Manríquez, J.; Juaristi, E.; Chapman, Thomas W.; Godínez, Luis A.

 ·  Electrochemistry of deferiprone as an orally active iron chelator and HIV-1 replication inhibitor and its determination
Yadegari, H.; Jabbari, A.; Heli, H.; Moosavi-Movahedi, A. A.; Majdi, S.

 ·  Liquid phase photooxidation of toluene in the presence of transition metal oxide doped titania
Riyas, S.; Krishnan, G.; Mohan Das, P. N.

 ·  Theoretical study of α-CD based [3] pseudorotaxanes: the role played by threadlike polymer on the stability of Cyclodextrin dimers
Anconi, Cleber P. A.; Nascimento Jr., Clebio S.; De Almeida, Wagner B.; Dos Santos, Hélio F.

 ·  Isolation and quantification of dialkylmercury species by headspace solid phase microextraction and gas Chromatography with Atomic Emission detection
Oliveira, Ana M.; Silva, Gilmare A.; Poppi, Ronei J.; Augusto, Fabio

 Short Reports
 ·  Steroidal glycoalkaloids and molluscicidal activity of Solanum asperum Rich. fruits
Silva, Tania M. S.; Camara, Celso A.; Freire, Kristerson R. L.; Silva, Thiago G. da; Agra, Maria de F.; Bhattacharyya, Jnanabrata

 ·  Ferric hydrogensulfate catalyzed synthesis of aryl 14H-dibenzo[a,j] xanthene derivatives under thermal and solvent-free conditions
Shaterian, Hamid Reza; Ghashang, Majid