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Revista Brasileira de Zoologia

Print version ISSN 0101-8175

Rev. Bras. Zool. vol.13 no.1 Curitiba  1996 

Aspectos da distribuição de Pantopoda em Sargassum de Itanhaém e Ubatuba, São Paulo, Brasil


Aspects of distribution of Pantopoda on Sargassum from Itanhaém and Ubatuba, São Paulo, Brazil



Franci Mary Fantinato Varoli

Instituto Oceanográfico, Universidade de São Paulo. Praça do Oceanográfico 191, 05508-900 São Paulo, São Paulo, Brasil. Pesquisadora do CNPq




Qualitative and quantitative aspects of the distribution of Pantopoda species living on Sargassum of Ubatuba and Itanhaém (northern and southern coast at São Paulo State, respectively) were studied. The results showed the occunence of nine Pantopoda species. The highest relative frequency was assigned to Tanystylum isahellae Marcus, 1940. In general the density of Pantopoda species was related to that of Hydrozoa covering Sargassum.

Key words: Pantopoda, Sargassum fauna, distribution, São Paulo



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AGRADECIMENTOS. Agradeço a Dra Patricia Teresa Monteiro Cunningham pela revisão do texto.



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Recebido em 04.X.1994; aceito em 13.V.1996.

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