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Brazilian Journal of Genetics

Print version ISSN 0100-8455
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A new allele of peptidase-B in cattle. Braz. J. Genet. [online]. 1997, vol.20, n.1, pp.-. ISSN 0100-8455.

Electrophoretic analyses of peptidase-B were carried out on red cell hemolysates from Holstein, Mantiqueira and Gyr cattle, using cornstarch, known in Brazil as Penetrose-30. We describe a new peptidase-B allele, denoted Pep-B1, in Mantiqueira cattle, belonging to the Bos taurus group, which are the result of a cross of native cattle of Portuguese origin introduced in Brazil during colonial times (16th century) with Holstein and Caracu cattle. The genetic control of peptidase-B was determined by typing parents and progeny segregating for all three alleles, confirming that peptidase B is controlled by a single autosomal locus with three codominant alleles, denoted Pep-B1, Pep-B2 and Pep-B3 The use of the citrate-phosphate buffer system, at pH 5.9, on 14% gel, under the electrophoretic conditions standardized in this study permitted good visualization of all peptidase-B variants.

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