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Arquivo Brasileiro de Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

On-line version ISSN 1678-4162


MARCONDES, C.R. et al. Analysis of some selection criteria for growth traits in Nellore cattle. Arq. Bras. Med. Vet. Zootec. [online]. 2000, vol.52, n.1, pp.83-89. ISSN 1678-4162.

The objectives of this study were to estimate genetic parameters for birth (BW), and yearling weights (YW), pre-(WG1) and post-weaning (WG2) weight gains, days to 160 (D160) and 300kg (D300) of live weight, and pre(RGR1) and postweaning (RGR2) relative growth rates using records from 60,470 Nellores. Covariance components and genetic parameters were estimated by mixed-model analysis using animal model. Models for BW, D160, WG1 and RGR1 included the random direct and maternal animal effects, the dam permanent environmental effect and the error. Fixed effects were contemporary group (CG) and the covariates age of the dam at calving and age of the calf at weaning. Models for YW, WG2, D300 and RGR2 included CG, animal direct effect, age of the calf and residual. Observed means± standard deviations were: 30.7± 3.8kg (BW); 317.2± 49.4kg (YW); 155.4± 21.0kg; (WG1); 119.6± 32.2kg (WG2); 175.7± 34.2days (D160); 553.9± 152.7days (D300); 913.2± 80.9´ 10-3%/day (RGR1); and 140.5± 31.2´ 10-3%/day (RGR2). From multiple-trait analysis, direct and maternal heritability varied, respectively, from .11 to .20, and from .03 to .16. For BW, YW, WG2, D160, D300, D160, D300, RGR1 and RGR2, estimates for direct heritability were, respectively, .24, .26, .18, .15, .12, .14 and .22. Maternal heritabilities for BW, D160 and RGR1 were, respectively, .11, .00 and .14. Genetic correlations between WG1 and the other traits were high, except for the genetic correlation between WG1 and WG2 (.23).

Keywords : Cattle; Nellore; genetic parameters; preweaning growth; postweaning growth.

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