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Arquivos de Neuro-Psiquiatria

Print version ISSN 0004-282X

Arq. Neuro-Psiquiatr. vol.70 no.7 São Paulo July 2012 




Flávio Ramalho Romero




Dear Editors,

Ref. Article: Romero FR, Bertolini E, Velozo VN, Venturini L, Figueiredo EG. Outcomes from intracerebral hemorrhage among patients pre-treated with statins. Arq Neuropsiquiatr 2011;69:452-454.

Some similar points have been observed between our paper and other by FitzMaurice et al. Effect of Statins on Intracerebral Hemorrhage Outcome and Recurrence. Stroke 2008; 39:2151-2154. These points are not coincidental but resulted from mistakes when the documents were selected and sent to the editor. So, instead of selecting my own results, I sent a file with graphic and words containing the data from the table of the Fitz Maurice's paper from which I intended to compare my data and present my results. Consequentely, my data have not been published but just the Fitz Maurice's results have been displayed as they were mine. I take the total responsibility about this oversight. The Department of Neurology, the Division of Neurosurgery and the Post Graduation program of the University of São Paulo and their personnel have no responsibility for this inaccuracy, as this article was designed and developed in other institution.

I would like to convey my regrets and apologies about this inopportune misunderstanding. Should I had been more meticulous in my revision of the documents before sending them and when I received the proofs, it would have not occurred. The Stroke paper was the initial inspiration for my work and it was actually used as reference that I now would like to include. I present a new table displaying my actual data and revision of the text to replace that that was portrayed before.

Replace Table 1 for the following:



In the sentence:

"We calculated that a trial of statins to improve ...

Change to:

FitzMaurice calculated that a trial of statins to improve 90-day outcome should include 1026 subjects (randomized 1:1 to treat with statin or placebo), for it to get 90% power to detect an OR >1.24, for independent status in the statin arm18.

In the sentence:

"Statins were used ...

Change to:

Were statin users 20/83 (24%) patients before the ICH. There was no effect from pre-ICH statin use on the functional independence rates (32% versus 36%, P=0.79) or mortality (41% versus 47%, P=0.82). Medical comorbidities and warfarin use were more common in statin users. The multivariable-adjusted odds ratio for independent status in pre-ICH statin users was 1.03 (95% CI: 0.71 to 2.21, P=0.71).

Include a new reference:

18. FitzMaurice E, Wendell L, Snider R, et al. Effect of Statins on Intracerebral Hemorrhage Outcome and Recurrence. Stroke 2008; 39:2151-2154.

Best regards,


Flávio Ramalho Romero



Flavio Ramalho Romero

Rua Pascoal Vita 366 / apto 94 – Vila madalena
05445-000 São Paulo SP – Brasil.
E-mail: /

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