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Print version ISSN 0006-8705

Bragantia vol.14 no.unico Campinas  1955 

A desinfecção de sementes de amendoim


Treatment of peanut seeds



Owaldo Bacchi; Vicente Canecchio Filho




Peanut seeds are very frequently injured during the shelling process, specially when this operation is done by machine. Injured peanut seeds are easily attacked by fungi and bacteria, and when used for field planting may result in poor stands.
Injured and non-injured peanut seeds were treated with a seed protectant supplied by Companhia Rhodia Brasileira under the name of Powder N.° 1. The results of tests indicated that germination was greatly improved in treated lots of injured seeds when compared with untreated controls. For non-injured seeds the benefit induced by the-protectant on germination was slight.



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Recebida para publicação 21 de agosto de 1954.

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