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Print version ISSN 0006-8705

Bragantia vol.19 no.unico Campinas  1960 

A beldroega, reservatório do vírus de vira-cabeca


Common purslane, a reservoir of the tomato spotted wilt virus



A. S. Costa; Ana Maria B. Carvalho




Outbreaks of tomato spotted wilt in tobacco, tomato and other susceptible crops in the state of São Paulo, Brazil, result mostly from the migration of villiferous thrips from weeds to the cultivated plants.
The common purslane (Portulaca oleracea L.) is one of the weeds most frequently found infected with the virus in cultivated areas.
Greenhouse studies have shown that the common purslane is highly susceptible to the virus. It can also maintain a satisfactory virus level in its tissues for long periods. These results indicate that this weed may be one of the important reservoirs of the tomato spotted wilt virus in the area. The common purslane has also shown to be a useful plant for experimental purposes with this virus.



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Recebida para publicação em 11 de agôsto de 1959.

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