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Print version ISSN 0006-8705

Bragantia vol.24 no.unico Campinas  1965 

Relação entre os níveis de ca e mg em solução nutritiva e a absorção de k pelo tomateiro


Absorption of k by the tomato plant as affected by the ca:mg ratio in the nutritive solution



José A. Jorge; Hermano Gargantini; Toshio Igue




This experiment was conducted in order to establish the influence of increasing levels of Ca and Mg in the soil and in nutritive solution on the absorption of potassium by the tomato plant.
Two series of pots were utilized, so that one was filled with a poor, acid soil and the other received inert quartz, which was irrigated daily with a solution containing three levels of Ca and two levels of Mg. The pH of these solutions was controlled by adding sulfuric acid.
The series containing soil was discharged because it did not allow a normal growth of the plants, on account of the excessive lowering of the pH caused by heavy fertilization with ammonium sulfate and superfosfate.
The statistical analysis applied to the series containing quartz showed no significant differences for the various treatments neither on the weight of the plants, nor on the absorption of the elements in study, namely Ca, Mg and k.



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Recebida para publicação em 4 de maio de 1965

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