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Bragantia vol.29 no.unico Campinas Jan. 1970 



Presença do vírus S em batata-semente nacional e estrangeira1, 2


Survey for virus S in local and imported seed potatoes



F. P. Cupertino; A. R. Oliveira; A. S. Costa3




Inoculation tests on necrotic Turkish tobacco, Chenopodium quinoa and Gomphrena globosa, and serological tests by the microprecipitin method were made with potato plants obtained from seed potatoes imported from Holland and Germany, and on varieties bred in Brazil, to detect the presence of potato virus S (PVS).
PVS was found in the varieties Aquila, Carla, Clivia, Condea, Datura, Delos, Delta A, Gueisha, Gunda, Hansa, Hela,Irmgard, Mensa, Oberarnbach Frühe, Oda, Pamir, Reinhort, Sommerstoke, Tasso, Valuta, Vanda and Wilja from imported seed and in the local varieties Aracy, Araruama, Baronesa, Madrugada, Piraquara, Piratini and Yara. The varieties Agora, Bintje, Capella, Feldeslohn, Grata and Isola from abroad and IAC-3977, IAC-4183, IAC-4489, Irai, Itaiquara, Jacy, Palma and Santo Amor from Brazil failed to give positive results in the tests.
When found in a potato variety, virus S assayed positive for all plants when tested by inoculation, but a few failed to give positive results in the serological tests.
Chenopodium quinoa proved to be an excellent test plant producing conspicous leaf symptoms in a relatively short period (20 days), with a high virus titer in the tissue.



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Recebida para publicação em 16 de junho de 1969.



1 Trabalho realizado com ajuda financeira da PAPESP (Agron. 66/146).
2 Apresentado na III Reunião Anual da Sociedade Brasileira de Fitopatologia do Brasil. Campinas, fevereiro de 1969.
3 Bolsistas do Conselho Nacional de Pesquisas.

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