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Bragantia vol.41 no.1 Campinas  1982 



Oviposição de Bemisia tabaci (genn.) (Homoptera: aleyrodidae) em três variedades de soja sem chance de escolha


Oviposition of Bemisia tabaci (genn.) (homoptera:aleyrobidae) on three soybean varieties in a non-choice type of experiment



André Luiz LourençãoI, *; Valdir Atsushi YukiII

ISeção de Entomologia Fitotécnica, IAC
IISeção de Virologia Fitotécnica, Instituto Agronômico, IAC




A non-choice type of experiment was conducted in a greenhouse at Campinas to study the oviposition of B. tabaci on two introductions (PI 171451 and PI 229358) and one commercial variety (Santa Rosa) of soybean.
Previously these introductions were less oviposited by the whitefly in a free-choice type of experiment when compared to commercial varieties.
The observed average number of eggs per square centimeter of leaf were 0.82, 0.42 and 0.41 for 'Santa Rosa' susceptible, PI 171451 (resistant) and PI 229358 (resistant), respectively.
These results showed that the lower rate of for oviposition observed previously is maintained when the insect does not have a chance to oviposit on a susceptible variety.



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Recebida para publicação a 11 de julho de 1980.



* Com bolsa de suplementação do CNPq.

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