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Revista Brasileira de Anestesiologia

Print version ISSN 0034-7094

Rev. Bras. Anestesiol. vol.51 no.4 Campinas  2001 



Commented Questions on the Anesthesiology Board Examination - 2000 (Question 41)




Having received the Supplement 26 (Tests) of this highly respected publication, I was happy in once more being able to have access to the questions of the Superior Title in Anesthesiology Written Test and their related comments. The comprehensiveness of the subjects and the exactness with which such questions and proposed alternatives are formulated contribute to make the Brazilian Society of Anesthesiology one of the most (if not the most) demanding societies in terms of professional qualification and one of the most organized specialists society in our country. However, if “Medicine and Anesthesiology are not Mathematics”, they should behave as such when being applied.

I am talking about question number 41 of the TSA written test where it is asked the reason why the right bronchus is easier (probable) to be selectively intubated (accidentally or not) than the left bronchus. According to the official template and the commentator’s explanation, the correct answer would be “due to the smaller angle between the right bronchus and the trachea”. However, the angle between the right bronchus and the trachea (approximately 155 degrees, a in figure 1) is in fact larger than the angle between the left bronchus and the trachea (approximately 135 degrees, b in figure 1).

So, I disagree from the officially published answer and its related comment. The angles formed by right and left bronchi axis are 25 and 45 degrees, respectively, with the prolonging of the trachea’s axis, according to figure 2, which is mathematically totally different.

Congratulating the team in charge of the Brazilian Journal of Anesthesiology for the quality and comprehensiveness of its articles I remain.


Yours truly.


Dante Roberto Eickhoff
Address: Rua Jorge Miranda 104/23
ZIP: 13020-180 City: Campinas, Brazil





On behalf of the Examining Committee of the Superior Title in Anesthesiology, I thank you for your contribution in favor of improving our test.

The Committee understands that your analysis is pertinent and will take it into consideration when preparing future questions, considering that your remarks do not affect the option considered as correct.


Yours truly.


Carlos Alberto de Souza Martins
President of EC, TSA/SBA
Luiz Fernando de Oliveira
Secretary of EC, TSA/SBA

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