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Revista Brasileira de Anestesiologia

Print version ISSN 0034-7094On-line version ISSN 1806-907X

Rev. Bras. Anestesiol. vol.52 no.3 Campinas May/June 2002 



Interaction of solanaceous glycoalkaloids with anesthetic drugs



Eugesse Cremonesi, TSA, M.D.




Mr. Editor,

In a summary published in Anesthesiology, Moss, Krasowksi and McGehee presented an interesting study on the interaction of natural compounds found in potatoes, namely alpha solanine and alpha chaconine solanaceous glycoalkaloids (SGAs), with acetylcholinesterase (AchE) and butirylcholinesterase (BuChE).

The authors have studied the inhibitory effects of such compounds on AChE and BuChE, and concluded that SGAs inhibit BuChE in a more intensive way than AChE, in nanomolecular concentrations present in potato-consumers serum. They have also studied the possible anticholinesterase activity of other compounds, such as neuromuscular blockers, and have found that only pancuronium and vecuronium have a similar effect.

These results suggest that the above-mentioned glycoalkaloids may change neuromuscular blockers, local anesthetics and other drugs with BuChE-mediated hydrolysis pharmacokinetics. They also suggest that major changes in patients’ sensitivity to anesthetic drugs could be partially attributed to dietary factors.

Solanaceous glycoalkaloids are primarily found in potatoes, tomatoes and eggplants, and may interfere with neuromuscular blockers, local anesthetics, cardiovascular drugs and other BuChE hydrolyzed compounds metabolism, when regularly consumed or in large amounts the day before surgery.



01. Moss J, Krasowski BA, McGehee DS - Anesthesiology, 1998;89: 3A:A1008.

02. Larkin M - Lancet, 1998;352:1362.



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