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Revista Brasileira de Anestesiologia

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Rev. Bras. Anestesiol. vol.58 no.5 Campinas Sept./Oct. 2008 



Dr. Raphael Augusto Bellini
*10/22/1927 - 04/04/2008



Dr. Raphael Augusto Bellini, a well-know and dedicated anesthesiologist, besides a diligent scholar of his subspecialty, died in the city of São Paulo, in the state of São Paulo, Brazil, on April 4, 2008. He was the son of Luciano Bellini and Thereza Iaiá Bellini, and he was born in the city of Matão. He married Brunilda de Almeira Bellini his lovely and dear wife, on October 12, 1953, who gave him two sons: Aurélio Augusto Bellini and Márcio Luis Bellini. As a good Italian descendent, his face lit up with happiness whenever he talked about his granddaughters and great-granddaughter.

He received his medical degree from the Escola Paulista de Medicina in 1952, where, shortly after, he completed his anesthesiology training. His interest on this subspecialty began when he was still in medical school. In 1954 and 1955, he followed the activities of the anesthesiology group of Dr. Caio Pinheiro, and soon after was invited to join the group who, in 1968 created SEMESP (Serviços Médicos São Paulo Sociedade Cooperative LTDA), and he practiced anesthesiology with this group until 2005, when he retired. In 1960 he obtained the Superior Title of Anesthesiology issued by the Sociedade Brasileira de Anestesiologia and Associação Médica Brasileira, after passing his boards during the Congresso Brasileiro de Anestesiologia held in Curitiba, in the State of Paraná, Brazil.

He was an anesthesiology professor, teaching 4th-year medical students from 1959 to 1967. That same year he was in the Board of the Sociedade Brasileira de Anestesiologia. In 1966, as President of the Sociedade de Anestesiologia do Estado de São Paulo (SAESP), Departamento de Anestesiologia da Associação Paulista de Medicina, Dr. Bellini, along with Dr. Kentaro Takaoka, rented an office at the Pasteur Building where SAESP, the regional representation of the Sociedade Brasileira de Anestesiologia, was transferred to.

During his presidency, he launched the Rodadas de Anestesiologia do Interior do Estado de São Paulo (RAIESP), which was held in the city of São José dos Campos. At the same time, the Jornadas do Sudeste Brasileiro de Anestesiologia (JASB) among the states of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Espírito Santos, and Minas Gerais, were launched.

Dr. Bellini had fond remembrances of that time and of the friends who helped him in the directorship and the spread of information at SAESP, with Drs. Pedro Gereto, Roberto Ayres Araújo, Kentaro Takaoka, Carlos Vita Lacerda de Abreu, and friends who belonged to the anesthesiology group of Dr. Caio Pinheiro.

He was president of the SEMESP and Director of the Casa de Saúde Santa Rita until the last days of his life. He practiced Anesthesiology at the Hospital São Joaquim da Real e Benemérita Sociedade Portuguesa de Beneficência, Hospital Sabará, Hospital Santa Edwiges, and Hospital Santa Rita.

He trained several Anesthesiology specialists, teaching the practical and theoretical fundaments of anesthesiology at the Anesthesiology Teaching and Training Center of the Hospital da Beneficência Portuguesa and Hospital Santa Rita, recognized by the SBA and MEC (Ministry of Education). He was always a dedicated friend, distributing his knowledge and joy of living, and his words were always a great stimulus for the colleagues who were beginning in the specialty.

When he retired, he tried to follow the words spoken by a friend:

Teach me how to grow old
That leaving my field of work would be simple and natural
As a serene an shiny sunset."

And that is how he left us. We had a good friend, a professor, and an exemplary professional. His teachings and joy of life will always be present in the memory of his friends, who will always miss him.

Raimundo Rebuglio, TSA
Former President of the SBA / SEMESP Anesthesiology

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