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vol.6 issue2Contribuição ao estudo da nervação foliar de plantas da flora amazônica. IV - Martinella obovata (H.B.K.) Bur. & K. Schum. e Periarrabidaea truncata A. Samp. (Bignoniaceae).Studies of the floral biology of neotropical Nymphaeaceae. 3 author indexsubject indexarticles search
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Acta Amazonica

Print version ISSN 0044-5967On-line version ISSN 1809-4392

Acta Amaz. vol.6 no.2 Manaus June 1976 


Estudos sobre Bombacaceae. V — Investigação anatômica das madeiras de Catostemma commune Sandwith, Cafostemma sclerophyllum Ducke e Scleronema micranthum (Ducke) Ducke, com vistas à polpa, papel e taxinomia.

José Elias de Paula* 

*— Universidade de Brasília, D.F.


Analisadas madeiras de três espécimes de Catostemma sclerophyllum Ducke, um de Catostemma commune Sandwith e dois de Scleronema micranthum (Ducke) Ducke, todos provenientes da região amazônica.


The wood anatomy of three species of Bombacaceae of the Amazon region are presented in this paper: Catostemma commune Sandwith, C. sclerophyllum Ducke and Scleronema micranthum (Ducke) Ducke, in reference to taxonomy, pulp and paper. Some data on the fibers of Catostemma albaquerquei Paula and C. milanezii Paula, presented in previous papers, are included here. The wood of Sclercnema micranthum is of the regular type for paper (Runkel Group IV), therefore can be used in paper manufacture. The wood of Catostemma milanezii, in qualitative characteristics approaches the regular paper type and so also can be used for paper. Comparatively, the wood anatomy of the five species show considerable differences which can used to seperate species and genera.

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