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Acta Amazonica

Print version ISSN 0044-5967On-line version ISSN 1809-4392

Acta Amaz. vol.6 no.4 Manaus Dec. 1976 


Anatomia do lenho secundário de Annona glabra L. (Annonaceae), algumas propriedades físicas da madeira e análise crítica da grafia do gênero

Ezechias Paulo Heringer* 

José Elias de Paula* 

*— Universidade de Brasília, D.F.


Analisadas a estrutura do lenho secundário da raiz, da madeira e algumas de suas propriedades físicas, bem como a estrutura da casca. Foram realizados testes histoquímicos para detectar elementos minerais ocorrentes na madeira e na casca. Paralelamente estabelecida, através de pesquisas bibliográficas, a grafia correta do gênero Annona.


The root of Annona glabra L. is extremely soft, light in weight and spongy, morphologically like cork. The secondary wood has few vessels, no fibers, and has a great deal of axial aerenchyma. The aerenchyma cells are pitted and appear like vessel elements. The bark when cut gives off an abundant volatile perfume. The roots are used by fishemen in Pernambuco (Brazil) and Florida (USA) as floats for their nets. The wood of the trunk is lightweight and soft. In transverse section and in disassociated cells, crystals of silica, calcium carbonate and calcium carbonate and calcium oxalate can be noted, aill in same vessel element. The rays are homogenous of Kribs type II. The bark is perfumed and contains many crystals of calcium oxalate. The spelling of "Annona" should have two n's because of the origin of the word as used by Linnaeus and also according to the list of Nomina Conservanda.

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