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vol.11 issue3Aprendizagem em abelhas. I - Discriminação simples em onze espéciesA presença de alcalóides em espécies botânicas da Amazônia V. Determinação de cocaína em Erythroxylum através de cromatografia de alta pressão. author indexsubject indexarticles search
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Acta Amazonica

Print version ISSN 0044-5967On-line version ISSN 1809-4392

Acta Amaz. vol.11 no.3 Manaus Sept. 1981 

Notas & Comunicações

Hidreletricidade do rio Solimões usando um "cata-água"

John Harry Harwood1 

Ronaldo de Almeida1 

1 Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas do Amazônia


Eletricity was generated by the current of the Amazon river (rio Solimões) using an apparatus ressembling an underwater windmill. The machine, a free-floating structure ancored to the river-bed, comprised a twelve-bladed, fantype turbine of 2m. diametre held submerged beneath two floates, facing the current. A bicycle chain around the circumference of the turbine transmitted the rotation via multiplying gears to a car alternator. In a current of 0,6 m.s.-1 the power generated was 40 W representing an overall eficiency of 12%. The experiment demonstrates the feasability of generating power from river currents without using dams or waterfalls. The technology is considered highly appropriate to the Amazonian region where a rural eletricity grid is enexistent. Work is continuing on the design of a commercial unit.

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