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vol.14 suppl.1-2Enterolobium barnebianum A.L. Mesquita & M.F. da Silva, uma nova Mimosácea para a Amazônia brasileira, Colômbia e Peru.New taxa of south american ficus(moraceae) author indexsubject indexarticles search
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Acta Amazonica

Print version ISSN 0044-5967On-line version ISSN 1809-4392

Acta Amaz. vol.14  supl.1-2 Manaus  1984 


Ficus species of Brazilian Amazonia and the Guianas

CC. Berg** 

M. Vázquez Avila** 

F. Kooy**  2 

**C.C. Berg and F. Kooy, Institute for Systematic Botany, State University of U-trecht, the Netherlands (present address of C.C. Berg: The Norwegian Arboretum and the Botanical Garden of the University of Bergen (ARBOHA), N-5067 Store Milde, Nor way;

2M. Vázquez Avila, Instituto Darwinion, San Isidro, Argentina.


In order, to place the new taxa. of Ficus found in Amazonian Brazil and the Guianas (see Vázquez Avila, Berg & Kooy, Acta Amazonica, fallowing article in this volume) in a taxonomic and phytogeographic framework, a key to the taxa provisionally recognized for Amazonia and the Guianas is presented and fallowed by a concise treatment of these taxa.


Com o intuito de organizar as novas taxa de Ficus coletadas no Brasil e nas Guianas (veja Vázquez Avila, Berg & Kooy, Acta Amazônica, este suplemento) dentro de um contexto taxonômico e fitogeográfico, apresentamos uma chave para aquelas taxa proviso-riamente reconhecidas para Amazônia e as Guianas, seguida por um tratamento conciso destas taxa.

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